2011 Fantasy Football QB Sleeper Picks


This is the year where I think you can wait to take a QB until the later rounds. Well, that’s if you miss out on Mr. Rodgers, or Michael Vick. Those two are in a tier of there own this year. They mostly likely will go in the first round of your fantasy draft. Rightfully so, they put up big time points and can win a fantasy match all by themselves. Other then those two, the next five or so QB’s  look to be about the same caliber of players. Manning, Bress, Brady, Rivers, and Romo. That’s a lot of talent, but talent I’m willing to wait on this year. I won’t be taking one of them in the second or third round this year.  Instead, I will be loading up my roster with RB’s and WR’s.

The reasoning for this is simple, the QB position is getting deeper and deeper. Here are just a few QB sleepers that might be great values this year!

Matt Stafford. If he could ever stay healthy he has a chance to be top 10 at the position. After all, Stafford does have “Megatron” on the opposite end of his passes. Also, Nate Burleson is underrated in my opinion. The other Johnson has potential, both TE’s Pettigerw and Scheffler are better then average. Let’s also not forget about Jahivd Best, he had that turf toe for the better part of last year. Best is a home run hitter that can catch the ball out of the back field, with the BEST of them when healthy. The Lions showed everyone they’re a team on the rise last year. Anyone remember that Thanksgiving game against the Patriots?? I do, the Lions looked like the better team for the first half of the game. That was also with Shawn Hill of all people at QB, not Stafford! The Lions would go on to lose, but they showed  a lot of heart that day! Don’t think to hard about taking a late round flyer on Stafford this year. The Lion’s will put up some td’s this year!

Matt Cassel. This is another team on the rise littered with talent. Bowe, McCluster, Charles, Moeaki, and now Bladwin! Cassel will have many weapons at his disposal. Cassel’s numbers last year 3,116 yards with 27 td’s and only 7 interceptions. Not bad! I believe the yards will go up, maybe in the 3,500-3,800 range, and Cassel has the potential of bringing the td numbers up as well. Matt can be inconsistent at times, but that doesn’t mean he’s not wroth a late round flyer. I have him top 15 as of right now.

Kevin Kolb. This is only if he gets traded, and I believe he will. Mr. Kolb will be taking his talents to……the Arizona Cardinals! Anyone that has Larry Fitzgerald as a target your stock is going up! I’m not exactly jumping up and down about this, but if Kolb does end up in Arizona he can be good! Take a late round flier and see what happens.

Sam Bradford. Boy was he good as a rookie! Quick, who’s the number 1 WR for the Rams??….. Yea, I don’t know either. That’s how good this kid was for St. Louis. Sam’s numbers last year. 3512 yards 15 td’s, but he did have 18 interceptions. The Ram’s do have some good young talent. Lance Kendricks is a rookie at TE, but has the ability to be good, Danario Alexander was hurt a lot  but flashed at times, and Brandon Gibson was ok.  Look for the Rams to add a WR through free agency. Some say Randy Moss is on their radar because Josh McDaniale’s is now the offensive coordinator. Let’s not forget that Steven Jackson is still there! Put all this together, and Bradford could be in for a good year!

Josh Freeman. Well, if you have been reading my other articles you know I absolutely love his guy for the upcoming year! I believe he could end up top 5 at the QB position. Last year he finished at number 8! Yes!! 8! He will be under valued come draft time. I have ranked him at number 10 in my QB rankings for this year. He just has so much talent and size at 6’6! Freeman or “Free Willy” as I have nick named him. Total numbers last year were:. 3,451 yards, 25 td’s, and only 6 interceptions, 364 rush yards, which was second only to Michael Vick! Freeman didn’t get into the endzone last year, but look for 3-5 rush td’s from him this year. Only thing that worries me about Freeman is his O line. If that holds up, the sky’s the limit. Also, lets not forget about the talent around him. Mike Williams, Kellen Winslow, LeGarrettet Blount, Arrelious Benn, Sammy Stroughter….wow. Listen, I will be drafting this guy as my starting QB for my fantasy football team. Let’s hope the rest of the world doesn’t catch up, and we can draft Freeman in round 8 or so. Look for a big year from “Free Willy” without breaking the bank!

Well that does it for the QB sleepers. Hope you guys enjoyed that.

Look for more blogs on the way.

Like always, thanks for your time,

Christopher Halfer…”AKA”…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.

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