C.J. Spiller Breakout Player Profile, Buffalo Bills


Former Clemson Tigers Running back C.J. Spiller was one of the most dynamic play makers in college from 2006 to through 2009, but really exploded in 2009. In 2009, Spiller rushed the ball 216 times for 1212 yards (5.6 yards per carry) with 12 touchdowns and 36 receptions 503 yards and another 4 touchdowns, Spiller was also a dangerous return man (5 touchdowns in the return in 2009). Spiller entered the draft a unanimous first round pick and a likely top 20 selection, while he was a favorite to go to a team like the Giants at 15th overall, the Buffalo Bills shocked everyone by grabbing Spiller at 9th overall, despite needs at many other positions.

The Bills drafted C.J. Spiller in large part to add excitement and play making ability to their N.F.L. roster. After drafting C.J. Spiller, Ralph Wilson said about the pick:

Wilson calls Spiller “a special guy” and says “the Bills have been a dull team over the last 10 years”.

And while, Spiller did show some of that explosiveness that enticed the Bills into drafting an explosive scat back return man, “Weapon x” whatever you want to call him, his season overall was a dissapointment.

In a poll at www.buffalorumblings.com 55 percent of those polled thought that Spiller’s season was medicore, and another 11 percent more thought he was poor and wouldn’t even make further than his rookie contract. Only 3 percent had faith that he could still be special in the league.

In his first season with the Bills, Spiller appeared in 14 games, rushing the ball 74 yards  (3.8 yards per carry), catching 24 passes for 157 yards. Spiller also flashed his ability in the return game 44 kick returns at an average of 23 yards per return and 1 kick return touchdowns. As well as 12 punt returns for 175 yards (14.6 yards per return) with a long of 34 yards.

Spiller struggled with inconsistency, adjusting to the speed of defensive players in the N.F.L. and fumbles (5 fumbles in 154 total touches).  Spiller only managed to start one game last year.

C.J. Spiller will have an uphill battle on the Buffalo Bills until they can improve their offensive line, but his talent is undeniable and he flashed pieces of his brilliance. Spiller has a good head on his shoulders and has the mentality to succeed in the N.F.L.

The Bills didn’t draft any offensive linemen early in the draft, so what have they done that makes me think Spiller coul dhave a breakout year? Well, this may seem convoluted or delusional, but the Bills really embraced fixing their run Defense, which I believe will help out the run offense.  Last year, the Bills defense put the Bills in a position where they had to get into passing sets very early in the game, which limited Spillers chances. Second, I believe in Spiller’s renowed work-ethic and I think he’ll work very hard to achieve N.F.L. success. He also is uber talented. I believe that had Spiller been taken by a team like the Jets with a very good offensive line, he would have a better chance to achieve greatness in the N.F.L. but I still believe in Spiller. I had him very high on my big board last year, and still think he is a dynamic player who can have a big impact on the Bills offense this year.

What do you guys think?

Is C.J. Spiller going to have a good year this year, or is the offensive line too bad in Buffalo for Spiller to make a big impact this upcoming year.

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