2011 Fantasy Football WR Sleeper Picks


Fantasy Football has made the transition from a grind it out on the ground oriented style of play, to an all out aerial assault on opposing fantasy teams.

No more is it needed to draft back to back running backs in the first and seconds rounds. For now WR ‘s have taken a choke hold on Fantasy Football.

This means it’s even more of a priority to find great WR’s at bargain basement prices….and that’s where NFLMOCKS comes into play with are sleeper picks for this year fantasy football season.

I know it’s early, but if you want to get ahead of the game you have come in the right place.

Now,  for the Fantasy sleeper WR picks….

Jordy Nelson.  This young fella really came on strong in the playoffs last year, which helped Green Bay win a title.  Also, lets face the fact that Donald Diver isn’t getting any younger. In fact, if you listen hard enough you can hear Donald’s hamstring telling him he’s had enough. I think it’s time for some new blood in Green Bay, and Jordy might be that guy. Jordy’s last year numbers were 45 rec, 582 yards and 2 tds. His real value would come if Green Bay does not bring back James Jones, and Diver calls it quits. Take a late round flyer on Jordy, and you might end up with a decent number three WR for your fantasy team.

Michael Crabtree.  Man did he fall short of expectations last year. Most likely he was drafted in the 3rd or fourth round as a number two WR for your team, but didn’t live up to the hype. His numbers last year…. 55 rec, 741 yards and 6 tds.  I have to add  I was guilty as charged, I thought he would have a big year. This year though, he will be forgotten about, and guess what?? It’s going to be Mr. Crabtree’s third year in his career, and that’s when a WR hits his stride. He will be a steal in this year’s Fantasy daft. Draft Michael after the seventh or eighth round with a smile on your face because he has the talent to turn in number 1 fantasy points for your team!!

Mario Manningham. By the time Fantasy Football season starts,  he probably won’t be a well kept secret. Last years numbers were a quite 60 rec, 944 yards, and 9 tds…WOW. This years numbers might even be better.  Defenses  will be keyed in to stop Hakeem Nicks this year, and Steve Smith might not even be ready to play at the start of the season, and will be forced to start on the PUP list. Not sure how far he will fall on fantasy draft day, but if I can get him in in round eight or nine….sign me up. Don’t sleep on Mannigham in this years draft. He will be great value!

Earl Bennett. I really like this kid’s talent. Now, I’m finally going to let everybody know  that Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy is a Chicago Bears fan. Not to get to of track, but one of my friends was reading my WR rankings the other day, and noticed that when it came to my ranking of Greg Jennings it seemed like I beat him up the whole time.  He said it seemed like it pained me to put him at the fifth spot. Well, it did….when the Green Bay Packers knocked my Bears out of the NFC Championship game it hurt, but I don’t let my feelings get it in the way of my Fantasy Football Team!!….EVER!. Back to Earl Bennett. Bennett was hurt for a lot of last year, and didn’t even have his feet under him until the season was almost over. For those of you that do not know, Cutler and Bennett went to collage  together and have a great relationship. I think that if Bennett can stay healthy, he might turn into something. The Bears, as of right now, have no great end zone targets besides Greg Olson, so Bennett could bring that to the table. He has great hands and good leaping ability. I would take a late rounder and Earl this year…..he might turn into a good number three WR. With the upside of being a number two for your team.

Mike Thomas. I really believe he’s the most talented WR on his team. Also, when ever all the mess clears up with the NFL. I think Mike Sims-Walker will be traded. Reports/rumors have him going to play with his old college pal Brandon Marshall. If that ends up happening, Mike will finally have someone to take the pressure off of him. Last year his numbers were 66 rec, 820 yards and 4 tds. They will only go up if MSW isn’t there. I would take a long hard look at this kid come draft time. Even if Sims-Walker is still there, take a flyer on this kid. By the way, Thomas will be entering his third year in the NFL, you know how I feel about that.

Bring on the comments……

Once again, thanks for your time fantasy people.

Christopher Halfer…”AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.

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