NFL Draft No Longer “Most Boring” Aspect of Madden Video Game


Madden 12 should bring the goods like never before takes a look into six things you need to know about the Madden 12 video game, set to debut on August 30th. In fact, this article made me so excited about the game, I am actually disappointed I have to wait three and a half months to play it. The changes in the game are thorough and MUCH needed, as the Madden franchise has become very bland over the last few years. In my opinion, the game’s focus has been too much on the online capabilities and “dumbing” the game down rather than making it more in-depth and realistic for the die hard fans (not unlike fans of the draft).

The new Madden will include features I have dreamed of since I was a little kid, features like trading future draft picks, computer teams not drafting poorly or making dumb draft day trades, and realistic player inconsistencies. My favorite part of the Madden games has never really been actually playing on the field, but seeing how high of a rating I can get my team to have by building through the draft, free agency, and training camp in the offseason. In fact, I’ve always been a huge fan of the offseason aspect of Madden, regardless of how bland it has been.

One thing that has always ticked me off in Madden is the horrible ratings of rookies, and that is now something you can edit in the season. This might make gameplay less realistic, but I don’t know the full details. All I know is, now you can edit player ratings in-season of your Franchise mode. Another thing I hate–and I don’t know how many other people have had this same problem–is when you download a draft class from NCAA Football, the players are very poorly rated, and the draft pool is always far lower than it should be. Not only that, but Punters, Kickers, and Fullbacks have unrealistic draft ratings, such as 2nd or 3rd round projections. I did not read anything about whether or not this would be upgraded, and like I said, I do not even know if this is a problem for anyone else, but it has ruined the process for me in the past, and actually discouraged me from using the real NCAA draft classes all together.

If you are a Madden fan, definitely check out the article, it’s worth your time!