Every year now,  it seems like more and more TE’s emerge as usable for your Fantasy Team. In years back I can remember if you did not get one of the top three TE’s available you were putting yourself behind the eight-ball.  That is just not the case anymore, as there are numerous TE’s that can be found later in a Fantasy draft. I personally will not draft  a TE before the fifth round. There is always  too much talent still left on the draft board at that point. I would rather stack my bench with a RB or WR then reach for a TE.  Further more, I really, really feel STRONGLY  this year about waiting until the later rounds.

Most of the top TE’s were injured last year, so trying to figure out which TE will blow-up is not an easy task, but one I enjoy doing….

Now, for my Early top 10 TE…..

1. Antonio Gates. I know he had that foot problem the whole year, but in just 10 games played Gates put up 782 yards and 10 tds.  He might have that foot injury again ….even with that I will not move him from the number 1 spot. A td a game is a strong statement.  Also, with Rivers throwing him the ball you can not go wrong. Gates is a huge Redzone target that Rivers loves!!

EXPECT: 1,000 yards and 10 plus tds….from a healthy Gates!

2. Dallas Clark. Ok, this gets a little tricky with Clark because be was  injured for most of last year. His numbers in the few games he played were 347 yards with 3 tds. Instead, lets  look at the numbers the year before for some reassurance in Clark’s stock. 1,106 yards and 10 tds. I think we can expect something lower than that for Clark this year. Again, not sure how he will respond from the injury, but  how can you not love that Clark has Peyton Manning tossing him the ball? Plus, Clark has always gotten  lots  of tds.

EXPECT: 900 yards with 8 tds.

3. Vernon Davis: This man is a physical specimen to say the least.  Also, Vernon is a outstanding end zone target, being the best one on the team. Micheal Crabtree really fell short of expectations last year. Not this year though, Carbtree will have a coming out party,  (I will talk more about Crabtree in my upcoming Fantasy Sleepers Series) and this is going to help Mr. Davis put together another solid year!. Last year numbers for Vernon, 914 yards with 7 tds. Not bad….but the year before Vernon lead the NFL  with 13 tds…WOW! This year I am thinking some where in the middle for his td production. Hopefully,  Alex Smith has a good year, but it’s  not a necessity for Vernon to put up big numbers!

EXPECT: 900 yards, with 10 tds….A man among boys!

4. Jason Witten. Finally, Witten put up big td numbers last year with 9 tds…. his most ever! I am sorry to say he will not come close to that again, and here is why. Romo really never looked for Witten in the end zone. It was not until Romo got hurt that Witten finally started catching tds. When John Kitna took over he looked for Jason….. a lot. Can you blame him? Kitna had no time to throw sometimes, so he looked for his security blanket…. Mr. Witten. Look for big yards from Jason again but the tds are going to Miles and Dez when Romo is at QB. Witten is more valuable in PPR leagues (I’ll get into further detail in my upcoming PPR league ranking series)…he’s a 90 reception man a year! Jason is in-store for yet another fine Fantasy season!

EXPECT: 1,000 yards with  5 plus tds.

5. Jermicheal Finley: I know “Green Thunder” (That’s  the nick name I am giving him because this year he will make your Fantasy team BOOM!!) was hurt for most of last year, but it really looked like Mr. Rodgers was going to make this kid a star!! Finley is a beast! He had so much hype going into last year, and then got hurt. Last year numbers in the few games he played were 301 yards and 1 td. Count on a big year if  Finley can stay healthy. Finley was quoted saying his knee feels brand new. That is good enough for me!!…..He’s worth the RISK!!

EXPECT: 800 yards with 7 plus tds…..do not be scared off by last year!!!

6. Owen Daniels. Here is yet another TE that was hurt last year. Owen’s problem was with his hamstring, we all know how nagging of an injury that can be for a WR, or in this case a TE. His numbers last year, 471 yards with 2 tds. Owen finally got healthy at the end of last year, and was more then usable when he was healthy. With a healthy Daniels this year, I am predicting a coming out party. If you’re a Houston fan, I know you guys are looking for another WR to play with AJ….(J Jones has not worked out yet) but, if Owen is healthy you might not need one….I see a big year on the way!!

EXPECT:700 yards plus, with 7 tds…..THIS IS THE YEAR FOR OWEN!

7. Kellen Winslow. Kellen has  never had more then 5 tds in any season, but he has had one 1,000 yard season. I am banking on the whole Tampa team having a big year for Fantasy purposes. I love Freeman this year!. Kellen always has had some injury concerns, but with a fully healthy season we seen what Kellen is capable of…. 1,000 yards and 5 tds. I think this year he comes close to that!

EXPECT: 800 yards with 5 tds.

8. Zack Miller. So the story line continues, yet another young studly TE that had injury problems last year!!….WOW!! Zack can flat out play. Some Fantasy players do not realize how good he really is. You might not have to reach this high to draft him.  I also wouldn’t let Miller fall through the cracks either.  His only down side is the QB play. Last year numbers, 685 yards with 5 tds. Not bad….right? Look for even a bigger year with a healthy Miller.  Also, teams might be paying lots, and lots of attention to a  certain guy named Mr. McFadden, they might forget to defend Mr. Miller!!

EXPECT: 700 yards with 5 tds.

9. Tony Gonzalez. Man…. Tony, Tony, Tony….what the heck happened last year??? 656 yards with only 6 tds??  Well, fellow Fantasy football players I think Tony’s days of being a top 5 Fantasy TE are done. I am not totally giving up on him, but the Falcons did just draft big time stud WR  J. Jones…..and trust me when I say, Jones is going to have a good year. Jones will cut into Tony’s production some, but Jones also might take some heat and double teams from Tony so it might not be that bad. I really just think father time is catching up with  him. Still, a good year should be in-store from the BEST TE to every play the game in my humble opinion.

EXPECT: 600 plus yards and 5 plus tds…..not the numbers we have known to come and love, or count on. Still top 10 though.

10. Rob Gronkowski.  Now, this is the one TE I will be drafting this year. I know Fantasy players will not be drafting him in the top 10…but they should. In “Gronks” rookie year he compiled 546 yards with 10 tds….holy Mike Ditka!! Also, do you guys remember a certain player by the name of Ben Watson that Tom  liked throwing to?? I do, and the “Gronk” fits that description! I KNOW Aaron Hernandez it still there, but  he fell out of favor with the “Hooded One” at the end of last year, and Rob took off. “Gronk”  is big, fast, and strong….remember that 3 td game against the Steelers??…WOW, I sure do!! Big things coming from this kid….do not worry to much about Aaron!!

EXPECT: 700 yards with 8 plus tds…..now that is the bargain I’m looking for  in the later rounds of a Fantasy Draft!!!

Just missed the top 10.

11. Marcedes Lewis. I do realize he had a big year ….700 yards and 10 tds. With that said, I do not trust him yet. Plus the outside chance that he has a rookie QB throwing him the ball puts him out my top 10.

12. Chris Cooley. In the last three years Chris has not had more than 3 tds in any season….still Cooley with get you yards… 849 last year.

13. Dustin Keller. If only he had a better QB…YEA, not a fan of Mark.

14. Jimmy Grahm. Most people will have him a lot higher….NOT ME. I need to see more before I put him any higher. Remember from my WR rank of Colston…Drew spreads the wealth around!!

15. Brandon Pettigrew. If Stafford can stay healthy… he will be ok.

Well, that wraps up yet another Fantasy Football ranking. Please leave some comments… let me know what YOU think.

I can take the good with the Bad!!

Look for more Fantasy Football Blogs coming soon!!!

Thanks for your time,

Christopher Halfer…”AKA”…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy

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