Fansided Is Looking For Editors (and Writers) For Some of their College Blogs: Nebraska Cornhuskers and more


Fansided is looking for editors for a few of their college blogs (not JUST football related, but of course football related as well). Fansided is a younger version of SB Nation, with a 100+ team pages across all landscapes of sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB). You can see all of them at Anyway, I got an email from the director of the college pages saying they were looking for editors to these pages.
Editors are paid positions. The pay derives from a revenue sharing program that is based on how many readers you can draw to your site, and it’s a great opportunity besides the pay. Fansided bloggers and editors have been hired at major media outlets (including ESPN) for those who are very successful, passionate, and do great work.

Fansided is also always looking for writers for all of their blogs (including this one) to help augment their coverage. The Blogs that are open right now for Fansided are the: Missouri, Nebraska, Norte Dame, LSU, USC, and Kansas State blogs.

If you’re interested in becoming an editor for one of those blogs, and will be a dedicated editor who wants to post at LEAST one article a day (and should be more around the ball park of three or more a day until you find enough writers) email Zach at He’ll be able to give you all the information. I would advise including a writing sample as well as any relevant blogger experience.

If you wish to write here at NFLmocks (writers need only to submit two articles a week) you can email me personally at You can write about the draft, college football, NFL, fantasy football. NFLmocks writers are not paid.

If you are passionate fan who wants to share their opinion about any other sports team (ie be a writer at fansided) you can also email me at and I’ll get you in touch with the right people to help you fulfill your goals.

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