NFL’s Request for Stay of Injunction Granted; Lockout Remains in Place


According to, the league’s request for a stay of injunction of Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling was granted by the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday, keeping a lockout of the players in place.

After a couple weeks without a ruling, many people were on the fence about whether to expect a ruling on the stay at all with oral arguments in front of the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals set for June 3 in St. Louis. The Eight Circuit issued a temporary stay of injunction on April 28, hours before the start of the 2011 NFL Draft. With this ruling, there will be no football activities taking place until a ruling comes down from the court after arguments are given, barring an agreement by the two sides on a new collective bargaining agreement.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer reported shortly after the news broke that former NFL great Carl Eller told him that the players side expects a proposal from the league owners either tonight or tomorrow before scheduled mediation breaks. While many believe that the mediation session scheduled May 16-17 will not help matters any, this at least provides a glimmer of hope.

So the next big date on the calendar will be June 3 when arguments are heard by the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals. A ruling is expected 30-45 days after the court hears these arguments.  Until then, no OTA’s, free agency, or trades will happen. Here’s to hoping both sides can do the unthinkable and reach an agreement before then, but don’t hold your breath.