Is it only me? Or,  is it taking forever for Fantasy Football to start??

It can never come soon enough for me. Well, If you read my other blogs ( click here). You know I have listed my top ten fantasy QB’s and RB’s.  So,  it is now time too turn in the direction of the WR’s. This position, over, lets say the last five years has been taking off.  Some Fantasy players even draft the select few in the First round. So, without further ado.  Here are my top 10 WR’s…..

1.  Andre Johnson.   This is one guy you might think about taking in the first round this year. Last year  numbers: 86 rec, 1,216 yard with 8 tds, and “Andre the Giant” did this on a bad ankle.  The Giant will now have Owen back at full health, which will help take some double teams away.  Also, if Jacoby Jones shows up this year, that will help Andre as well. Lets not forget he has Matt Schaub throwing him the ball.  Put that all together……number one to me!

EXPECT: 1,400 yards with 12 plus tds. ” Andre the Giant” will come up big this year!!

2. Roddy White. Love this guy. If your in a PPR he should be number 1 in my book. 115 rec, 1,389 yards with 10 tds. This guy has great hands.  Now, the falcons  just drafted stud WR  J. Jones so “Roddy Roddy White’s” numbers might dip a little bit. But not enough to move him from the number two spot.

EXPECT: 1,300 yards with 10 tds.

3. Calvin Johnson. Please, oh, please Mr. Stafford stay healthy. “Megatron” has the God given  talent.  He just needs his QB to stay healthy. If that finally happens “Megatron” might end up the number one WR this year in Fantasy. Last years numbers 77 rec, 1,120 yards with 12 tds. Keep in mind, for most of the year he was without Stafford.

EXPECT: 1,300 plus yards with 10 plus tds.

4.  Hakeem Nicks. This kid is a beast!! He can flat out play!   Quick, how many Redzone targets did  “Sir Nick’s a lot” get?? 18!! Man, he also missed three games last year.  His numbers. 79 rec, 1,052 yards and 11 tds. Nicks has the other Manning throwing him the ball. Which, is not a bad thing. Look, I know this may be a little high for some of you. But do not miss out on this guy!! He’s a flat out stud, and only 23!!! Quick, what year is this for “Sir Nicks a lot” ?? You got it, year number 3.  And in the NFL this is the year for him to hit his stride. I know he had that leg injury, but I am looking at that as a fluke. I am calling it now!  Big year in-store for this young kid.

EXPECT: 1,200 yards with 10tds…..do not miss out!!

5. Greg Jennings. This rank is mostly because he has Mr. Rodgers throwing him the ball.  Look, before Finley got injured  Jennings was having a bad year! Finely was well on his way to having a monster year, and top three TE numbers. Some people might even draft Greg  higher than top five…..not me!  He is still a top five WR, but he could have a dud year. Last year numbers. 76 rec. 1,265 yards with 12 tds. Quite outstanding.  But the numbers for Mr. Jennings the year before that….(get ready for this Packer fans, because it might hurt). 1,113 yards with 4 tds, YES!! 4 tds. That does not sound like a top five WR to me. Look for a dip in his production with a healthy Finley back in the mix.

EXPECT:  1200 yards with 9 tds…still a great year!

6. Reggie Wayne. I know, I know he only had 6 tds last year. but “In Reggie We Trust” had 111 rec and 1,355 yards. I am not missing out on that product. The year before he had 10 tds. Look, Clark was hurt early in the year, so defenses doubled Reggie even more without Clark in the middle of the field. Some of you guys might think he is getting old. I say,  he has at least one more good year in him. Plus, he has Peyton Manning throwing him the ball! Bounce back year for  Mr. Reggie on the way! Remember, Clark will be healthy. That will help Reggie!!

EXPECT: 1,200 yards with 9tds….BOUNCE BACK YEAR!

7.  Mike Wallace. This is the second fastest WR in the NFL behind DeSean Jaskson (More on him later). Also, Wallace is now the number one WR for the Steelers. The passing of the torch from Ward to Wallace has happened! Wallace was the number 4 WR in Fantasy last year. Before I put him any higher, I want to see the big numbers again. He only had 60 rec, but the 1,257 yards and the 10 tds are nothing to laugh about. This means though, he needs BIG plays to get his yards and tds…and that makes me nervous!  But,  Big Ben likes to throw, and Mr. Wallace will be catching most of them!!

EXPECT: 1,200 plus yards with 8 plus tds…..I want to see the rec totals go up before I put him any higher.

8. Larry Fitzgerald. I really felt SORRY for Fitz last year. The QB play killed his numbers. Even with the inconsistent play at the QB position Fitz still racked up 90 rec, 1,137 yards with 6 tds. Not bad for a guy with no QB. Now, the word on the street is the Cardinals might get Kevin Kolb. If that happens, Fitz stock goes way up!!  But, until that happens I can not put him any higher than eight.

EXPECT: 1,100 yards plus,  7 tds….this will go up, if Kolb comes to town!

9.  Miles Austin. What this guy did last year without Romo was awesome to say the least.  69 rec 1,041 with 7 TDs. I know he now has Dez to worry about taking looks and Red Zone targets away. But, with a healthy Romo he’s going to get his. Also, if you watched the games last year it sure looked like a healthy Romo preferred Miles over Dez. I do not see a dip from last year numbers, if anything they will go up! Dez will help take some of the double teams way. Hey, teams might be doubling Dez this year.

EXPECT: 1,100  yards plus  and 7 plus tds.

10.  DeSean Jackson. He did miss two games last year. With that said, his numbers were  47 rec. 1,056 yards 6 tds. Now, why I am putting him in the top 10 is this. The 104 rush yards and 1 rushing td. Also, the return tds he will get push him in the top 10 in my book. Some might say he was not even the top WR on the team. I say,  he is!!. Last years number were his floor not the norm!!

EXPECT: 1,000  yards plus, 6 plus tds. 100 plus rushing and 1-2 tds. In addition to the 1 or 2 return tds!…. THAT’S TOP 10 TO ME!!

Just missed that top 10.

11. Vincent Jackson.  He needs to play before I put him in the top 10!

11. Dwyane Bowe.  I want to see that production again. Also, no C. Weis this year!

12.  Marques Colston.  He needs to stay healthy. Plus, Drew Likes to spread the wealth. Do not treat him like a number 1 WR.

13. Brandon Lloyd.  I hate putting him this low,  but the top Fantasy WR last year smells like a fluke to me!

14. Mike Williams. Love the talent. You know I think Freeman is in for a big year. Could be top 10 next year!

15. Jeremy Maclin.  He will get Red Zone targets…10 tds last year!

Well, let me know what you guys think. Hope you liked that.

My Top 10 TE’s coming soon!!!

Bring on the Comments.

Thanks for your time,

Christopher Halfer…”AKA” …Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.

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