NFL Depth Chart: Nebraska Cornhuskers: From College to Pros



None Drafted

Not a surprise the Cornhuskers are not known for their talented quarterback play.


Running back:

Correl Buckhalter, and Brandon Jackson (Roy Helu)

Neither of these players are standouts in the N.F.L. though, they are both very nice complementary running backs. Jackson had his turn to shine this past season when Ryan Grant was hurt for the season, but he was not able to fully capitalize only averaging 3.7 yards per carry with nearly 200 carries, though he did have a nice 40+ receptions for about 300 yards, which is above average for a running back. Buckhalter has always been a player who comes in and gives you snaps and does well in that limited role averaging a career 4.5 yards per carry, but he’s never had even a 140 carries in a season.  


Wide Receiver:

(Niles Paul)

This is indicative of the Cornhuskers preference for a dominant run game and defense. Prior to this year they have no had a WR or QB drafted into the league in quite some time, and the only when they have recently was Eric Crouch who was their former QB but teams wanted him to play Wide receiver in the league.


Tight End:

None drafted.  Thought that’s a bit surprising to me, I thought maybe there could be a nice run blocking tight end, or teams that feature run games usually have a tight end to control the short passing game, but the Cornhuskers haven’t gotten a tight end into the league through the draft in recent memory.


Offensive Linemen

Dominic Rioala, Richie Incognito, Carl Nicks, Matt Slauson, Lydon Murtha (Keith Williams)

Here we see some influence on the N.F.L., though these players are almost exclusively interior linemen (Murtha is listed at tackle). Nicks is a very quality player and Slauson drew some high praise from the Jets this year, starting all 16 games. This is a position that former Conrhuskers have found some success in the N.F.L. recently.


Defensive Linemen:

Kyle Vanden Bosch, Chris Kelsay, Adam Carriker, Ndamkuong Suh,

Easily, the strongest position in the N.F.L. for former Cornhuskers and a position that could have one future hall of famer in Suh (even if we’re Way ahead of ourselves here). This is also a position that could see another first round pick next year when Jared Crick enters the draft. After struggling earlier in his career, Carriker had a decent season last year. If you were a team and were told you could have a starting four defensive line of Bosch, Carrier, Suh, and Kelsay you would think you could get by with that for sure. Bosch and Suh would clearly highlight this group even though the Bills are in love with Chris Kelsay he hasn’t been great, just a solid, hard-working player.



Scott Shanle, Steward Bradley, Barrett Ruud, Demorrio Williams, Phillip Dillard, Cody Glenn


This is another position that has seen some success for former Cornhuskers in the N.F.L. Bradley is a very solid player for the Eagles, and if he could stay healthy could be even better. Ruud, even though a free agent and seemingly on his way out in Tampa has had a very nice career and could still play significant time next year for a team, especially in passing situations. Every year I think Shanle is going to lose his starting job and every year he started 16 games (or as many as he’s healthy for) so he must be doing something right for the Saints.



Zackary Bowman, Fabian Washington (Prince Amukamara, Dejon Gomes)

Clearly the impact of players on the defesnive side of the football in the N.F.L. is much greater than it is on the offensive side. Washington is another player with his fair amount of starts on a good team. Washington has started in 30 games the past three years (he’s played in 36).


Larry Asante (Eric Haag)

I think this position is indicative in the progress of the Cornhuskers in the past few seasons.  The Cornhuskers are staring to get players drafted in the N.F.L. at all positions. This year they got a wide receiver drafted for the first time in a long time. The past two seasons they also have some safeties drafted.


Josh Brown* (Alex Henery)

Sorry about that, and thanks to the reader who caught my error. I must have been looking at the Pittsburgh Steelers thing we have coming out when I was doing this as well.


Sam Koch


There are teams who have been much more successful getting players drafted into the N.F.L in the past decade, but as of late the Cornhuskers are improving and getting some players in the N.F.L. and even some first round players. Next year they should have a player drafted in the first round for the third year in a roll. Also, the impact of former drafted Cornhuskers currently in the much greater on defense than it is on offense.