The most important part of a fantasy football draft is the first three rounds.

In those rounds, you most likely be taking a running back.  Making the right pick sometimes will either make or break your Fantasy season.  So with that being said, here are my top 10 Running Backs……

1.  Adrian Peterson.  This guy is the model for consistency.  His last year numbers were 1,298 rushing 12 tds, 341 receiving 1 td. This was a bad year for the man with the strongest hand shake in the game.  He had 18 tds the year before.  But he did stop his fumbling problems, only having fumbled once.  So, with no QB insight, Unless your counting on rookie QB Christian Ponder AP  will be the whole offense.  Look for a big year from “All Day”.  Expect: 1,500 rushing 15 tds, 350 plus receiving and 1-2 tds. Adrian is the man!!

2. Chris Johnson.  1,364 rushing 11 tds, 245 receiving 1 td, and some people are  a little down on him.  Listen, I know his Offensive line was bad last year, but it will be better.  This is the fastest man in the NFL people. I am not taking anyone but ALL DAY over him.  Expect: 1,400 rushing 13 plus tds and 250-400 receiving with 2-4 tds.  CJ2K will be whole Offense this year.

3. Arian Foster.   This rank makes me a little nervous.  But with 1,616 rushing 16 tds, 604 receiving and 2 tds I can not put him any lower. I do expect a drop off. There is a great deal of talent on this team. With a healthy AJ and Owen Daniels they will limit some of Foster’s production this year.  Now, with that said expect: 1300 plus rushing 12 tds, and 300-400 receiving with 1-3 tds. The new King of the Hill of RB’s will have a good year…..and NO!!! I am not worried about Ben Tate….he just got cleared for full contact!!

4. Maurice Jones-Drew.  Ok, coming off and injury plagued season with his knee this rank will be a little high for some of you. But take a look at his numbers, and remember he started off really bad last year. 1,324 rushing 5 tds, 317 receiving 2 tds. The year before that he had 16 total tds. You might not have to draft him this high, But do not miss out MJD. Look for a bounce back year. Expect: 1,300 rushing 10 tds, 300 plus receiving with 1-3 tds. The human bowling ball is putting nothing but strikes on the board this year!!

5. Jamaal Charles.  This guy is a flat out stud, if Thomas Jones was not on the team he would be much higher. But the fact of the matter is Jamaal only got 230 carries last year. Do you really expect him to average over 6 yards a carry again?? I say, no way. His numbers last year 1,467 rushing 5 tds with 468 receiving and 3 tds. I like him, just do not draft him over the other guys. Expect: 1200 plus rushing 7 tds,  400 plus receiving and 1-3 tds. He will be good, but I need to see it again before I put him any higher.

6. Ray Rice.   I love this guy. 1,220 rushing, 5 tds with 556 receiving and 1 td. Yes, I know 6 tds is nothing to brag about, but this is the year that Willis McGahee quits being a Bogart  of Ray’s tds. Last year was Ray’s bottom floor. EXPECT: 1200 plus rushing, 8 tds, 500 plus receiving with 1-3 tds. This guy is nothing but talent. Watch out for Mr. Rice this year!!

7. LeSean McCoy.  Talk about talent. McCoy is The man and can straight up play some football. Only problem is, he only got 207 carries last year.  Andy Reid does not like to run the ball!!  It is like giving up to the man or something ….I do not understand it. Anyways, McCoy will get his in the passing game,  if your in a PPR take him higher. last years numbers 1080 rushing 7 tds, 592 receiving and 2 tds.  Now, there are alot of mouths to feed in Philly.  Jackson, Maclin, and even Brent to some extent. Maclin will get his, but be careful reaching too high for him.  Expect: 1000 rushing, 6 plus tds, 500 plus receiving and 2-4 tds.

8. Micheal Turner.  I have no clue why some people are down on Mr. Turner this year. Did he kind of loose his steam and the end of the year?? Yeah, I guess so, but this man gets all the goal line carries. Last year numbers were 1,371 rushing 12 tds and a poor 85 yards receiving. Listen, The Burner will have even move room to run as the Falcons just drafted stud WR  J. Jones, teams will not be able to stack the box with eight or nine guys this year.  Big things in store for the Burner.  Expect: 1400 rushing, 12 plus tds, and 100 receiving. Thats top 10 to me!

9. Rashard Mendenhall.  Man, oh,  man was Pittsburgh’s Offensive line really bad last year. I have to give this kid credit, he did a hell of a job. 1,273 rushing 13 tds and 167 receiving. I think the Steeler’s O line will get a little better, BUT Big Ben likes to air it out. So, with Wallace, Ward, and the emergence of Emmanuel Sanders Big Ben might have a great year throwing the football. Mewelde Moore gets all receiving yards. So, temper your expectations for the “Dumb Tweeter” (those of you who follow Twitter will know what I am talking about). Expect: 1,200 rushing ,10 plus tds and 150 plus receiving yards. All in all, a solid year should be in-store for Rashard.

10. Frank Gore.  I know “Frank the tank” was a top 5 pick last year, but anyone who breaks their hip….. is going WAY down in my book.  Before the injury he was just ok. 853 rushing, only 3 tds, 452 receiving and 2 tds. If this guy could ever stay healthy…wishful thinking on my part. Anyways, from what I am hearing/reading now, it looks like he should be good to go. Unfortunately, “Frank the Tank” has only played 16 games once in his career. So, Temper your thoughts of a big year. I guess at number 10 you can not go wrong with his upside. If  Frank can ever stay healthy. Expect: 1,100 rushing 8 tds, 400 plus receiving with 2-4 tds. You could do a lot worse then Frank at the end of the first round.

Just missed the top 10.

11. Steven Jackson

12. Matt Forte

13. Peyton Hills

14. Darren McFadden

15. Knowshon Moreno

I do not have Jonathan Stewart, or Deangelo Williams ranked until I find out how

that situation shakes out…..

Well hope you enjoyed that, let me know what you  think.

My Top 10 WR’s  coming soon!!

Thanks for your time,

Christopher Halfer…. “AKA” ….Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.

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