Fantasy Football is a huge past time for all football fans and we here at NFLmocks love all facets of football! While, we focus on the draft, we are going to begin peppering in college football previews, fantasy football, and anything else football related to augment our coverage and because quite frankly all most of us do in our free time is talk football. In order to expand into fantasy football coverage,  we found a few more writers, one of those writers is Christopher Halfer. “Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy”. Also, Augie Tieri will also help us carry the fantasy coverage.  Let Christopher know what you think.

Is it really ever too early? Not if your reading this…..

Ok, Lets get started!

1. Mike Vick.   Yes, I know he is an injury waiting to happen, but 600 plus rushing yards and 9 tds on the ground can not be igorned! Period!

2. Aaron Rodgers.  What you can expect from this guy: 4,000 plus throwing yards, 28-35 tds, and 3-5 rushing tds on the ground with 250-350 rushing yards. Need I say more??

3. Peyton Manning.   Ok, most of you fantasy studs will have a big question mark with this ranking because if you read other blogs he will not be this high. But consider this. He did not have Clark for most of the year. Collie was hurt…alot. The waiter had a bad year dropping everything thrown his way, and Peyton’s O line was really, really bad.  He just got two Offensive linemen in the draft that will start. Also, he still has reggie! So with the other WR’s back, playing well and Clark back this will be a big year for Peyton… mark my words! Expect 4000 plus throwing with 30 plus tds.

4. Drew Bress.   He did have a bad year for him. His interceptions totals looked more like Jay Cutler than Drew Bress. But he has too many weapons on his team to be just “ok”. Drew has now found a TE that’s really good. Look for a big season from the “who dat Man” 4500 yards throwing with 28 plus tds.

5. Tom Brady. Brady is good, but his weapons are average at best. I love Welker, but after that… who else?? Branch?? Tate?? Ok, I guess his new TE’s are pretty good. Expect a good year from Brady, but do not daft him over the other guys. 3,500-4,000 yards, with 26-32 tds. Do not expect another 36 tds with only 4 interceptions….its not happening. Plus, he does nothing on the ground. Maybe one or two tds on a QB sneak, thats about it…. I AM WARNING YOU NOW!

6. Phillip Rivers. I love Rivers. Here’s hoping he has V-Jack and Gates for the whole year. If Mathews plays well, it will help, not hurt Rivers. Mathews can catch the ball very well!! Expect a good year: 3500-3800 yards with 25-30 tds. Rivers is a solid QB.

7. Tony Romo.   Again, I know others may not have him this high coming off an injury, but Tony’s weapons are GREAT!!! (Tony the tiger shout out) Austin, Byrant, Witten….oh my. That is one hell of a 1-2-3 punch! Plus, Dallas does not run the ball well. Expect a health Tony the tiger to net you 3200-3600 yards on the low, with a nice 23-28 tds.

8. Big Ben. Big Ben is in for a good year. His O line is going to be better, and Mike Wallace is for real! Also, Ben does not have to deal with a four game suspension this year. Good things on the way! Expect 3000-3500 yards with 22-26 tds…. and thats on the low end!!

9. Matt Schaub. I will have to agree this is  alittle low for a man that has AJ catching for him, but with Foster making the big move last year to the top of the Fantasy world, why would Houston not want to keep running the ball?? Look for a good year, but be careful with Mr. Schaub. Expect 3000-3400 with 20-25 tds.

10. Josh Freeman. Look, I can here people talking now…..no Matt Ryan in the top TEN….YOURE CRAZY! I like Matt Ryan as much as the next guy, but Freeman is going to have a break out year! I am calling it now. “Free Willy” (thats the nick name I am giving him, because he will set you free). He has some nice talent around him. Williams is good! Blount is good! Winslow is good! Also, Guess who was second in the league in QB rush yards?? You got it “Free Willy”. Look for 2800-3400 yards, 23-28 tds, 350-450 on the ground with 2-4 tds. I would put him higher on the list, but do not want to go crazy just yet.

Just missed the top 10.

11. Matt Ryan

12. Jay Culter

13. Eli Manning

14. Joe Flacco

15. Matt Cassel

Until next time Fantasy people.

Look for my top 10 running backs coming soon!

Thanks for your time,
Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy