Texas A&M Aggies Top NFL Prospects for 2012 and Beyond


Texas A&M put out one of the best NFL prospects in the country last year in linebacker Von Miller, who went second overall to the Denver Broncos. Now, they are becoming a pipeline for NFL talent, and are putting out some big names in 2012. Both sides of the ball feature solid NFL caliber players, including a couple of guys who could contend for a first round spot.

32 Cyrus Gray (Senior), RB, 5’10” 198

Gray is a quick twitch running back with excellent speed and burst off the line. This is a kid who is a threat to score literally every time he touches the ball. Led the Aggies with 13 total touchdowns in 2010, 12 of which came on the ground. Not a great inside runner, but he doesn’t hesitate in the backfield so he more than compensates for his lack of natural power. He will remind a lot of people of a LeSean McCoy type of player, and is improving in that regard as a receiver out of the backfield. In fact, he has 61 receptions over the last two years, so he has been an integral part of the Texas A&M passing attack. Probably the best overall senior running back in this class of players. Very good at reading his blocks, and has excellent vision. Always keeping his eyes down field, and great body control in the open field. Always a threat to make something out of nothing. Probably shorter than his listed height. Threw a pretty touchdown pass against LSU in the Cotton Bowl, and has taken snaps at wide receiver as well as quarterback for the Aggies, so could have upside in the NFL as a wildcat quarterback. Plays with a low center of gravity, but could add lower body strength to make him even more effective in the trenches. If he is up to 210 pounds by the NFL Scouting combine, he will likely be a sure-fire first or second round pick in the NFL Draft. Hard nosed guy who typically doesn’t go down on first contact. Workhorse for the Aggies who has great balance.

8 Jeff Fuller (Senior), WR, 6’4″ 215

Big, strong receiver with great body control and length. One of the best wide receiver prospects in the country who has led the Aggies in receiving touchdowns for three years in a row. Had a breakout season as a junior despite the quarterback situation the Aggies had. 163 receptions over the last three seasons, including a 1,066 yard campaign in 2010 as well as 28 career touchdown receptions. Had a very solid game in the Cotton Bowl against LSU and Patrick Peterson, who is regarded as one of the top young talents in all of football and was the 5th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Not elite speed, but definitely gets in and out of breaks with ease and has excellent footwork on short and intermediate routes. Really good field awareness, but I would love to see him be more aggressive after the catch with his size and strength. Long strider with absolutely gigantic hands. Hands virtually engulf the ball, and has a very natural feel for the game. Can go up and get the ball in traffic and is one of the top red zone threats in the 2012 crop of players. Will be one of the first receivers off the board, and a big time playmaker in the NFL someday.

17 Ryan Tannehill (RS Senior), QB/ATH, 6’4″ 220

Not unlike the Dos Equis guy, Tannehill is one of the most interesting men in the (NCAA football) world. At 6’4″ 220 he has the makeup of the ideal NFL quarterback, but he just took over as the team’s starting quarterback late in 2010 and prior to that was the backup QB–as well as a playmaker at wide receiver. Yes, you read that correctly, and you must YouTube it to believe it. Tannehill was a big time playmaker at WR who at one point led the Aggies in all time receiving yards. Could be one of the most versatile players in the entire draft. Has been a very good WR for the Aggies as well as a playmaker at the QB position who emerged as the starter last year, and is just a guy who you want the ball in his hands at all times. Has a rushing touchdown, has punted for the Aggies, and also has a tackle. Throw in a couple of two-point conversions as well, and you have one of my favorite up-coming prospects in the draft. I can’t wait to see if he makes strides as a quarterback this offseason. I think he will emerge this season as one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks in the country, a guy that you always want with the ball in his hands when the game is on the line. Characterized as one of the hottest quarterbacks in the country at the end of last season.

“This is my team, my offense, and it’s my job to lead them,” Tannehill said earlier this month. “The leadership role is definitely different. I’m the guy, instead of a second-team player. It definitely carries a different leadership role that allows me to step up and get guys going when we start dragging a little bit.”

8 Garrick Williams (Senior), LB, 6’2″ 234

Big linebacker prospect who is a tackling machine. Had 112 total tackles in 2010 along with 71 in 2009. Might not be an elite NFL linebacker prospect, but is definitely a guy who will attract teams in the later rounds, and is a guy who can come in and contribute right away on special teams. Will be a solid fit on the inside for either a 3-4 or 4-3 defensive alignment. We will monitor him as the season moves along, but typically, big time tacklers make an impact at the next level. If he is as good as advertised on the field, he will get a lot of NFL looks.

5 Coryell Judie (Senior), CB, 5’11” 188

Big  time playmaker who really emerged last year as a junior with 57 tackles and four interceptions. Speedy guy with not great size but good enough to be a starter in the NFL and will probably be one of the top cornerback prospects in the country going into next season. Not only did he emerge in 2010 as a playmaker defensively, he did so on special teams as well, returning two kickoffs for touchdowns. Could emerge as one of the top cover corners in the nation this fall, and I expect him to be a top 64 pick come next April barring injury. Very skilled player who is somewhat raw, but has a ton of potential.

1 Trent Hunter (Senior), CB/S, 5’10” 190

Could play cornerback or safety in the NFL. Has a great resume’ through three years at Texas A&M, one that includes 212 tackles (63 in 2010), five interceptions, and a forced fumble. Former freshman All-American and an All-Conference performer in the Big 12, he will certainly get a look in the NFL if for nothing else his potential on special teams, which is fantastic. Has good but not great speed and definitely knows how to make plays on the back end. His situation will be interesting to monitor. High effort player who is not afraid to stick his body out there.

These are just some of the top guys at Texas A&M this year, and there are some more that we will include in there as the season goes on, but right now these are undoubtedly the top guys dating to last season, and we will watch as more players continue to emerge from this hot-rising program.