Justin Blackmon or Alshon Jeffrey the 2012 Debate Begins


The inspiration for this write up came to me the other day after seeing a few tweeps debating on twitter over who was the better wide receiver. Not only who was better of the two but who should be rated higher on 2012 big boards and who would actually be drafted highest during the 2012 NFL draft if in fact one does take place. So I pose the question to you the people…who in your opinion will be the best player of the two after this years 2011 college football season?

It’s very viable that many could make a case for either player and your allegiance will definitely make it hard to remain unbias and arbitrary. But thats what makes this a fun and healthy debate. So lets give it a go.

The 6’4″ 233lbs. Alshon Jeffery averaged 17.2 yards per play. Jeffrey finished the season with 1517 yards on 88 catches and 9 touchdowns. In week four of the season Jeffrey had 8 receptions for 192 yards and two touchdowns against Auburn. Jeffrey was able to scorch an #19 ranked  national team with a 24.0 yards per reception during their week 4 match-up. Two weeks later when facing a then ranked #1 in the nation Alabama team Alshon Jeffery led a #19 ranked Gamecock team to a win with 7 catches for 127 yards and two touchdowns.

Calhoun County head coach Walt Wilson, who coached Jeffery in high school said, “The biggest thing with this is, the kid is a good kid,” Wilson said. “I just pray that he will stay healthy and do what he loves doing. Whatever happens, happens. The kid has an opportunity to take care of his family, and I’m just happy for the kid. He is one of my favorite kids because he stays so humble.” Jeffrey came in at the beginning of spring ball and ran a 4.5 but plays at 4.39 easily. The kid just makes amazing catch after amazing catch as his Alshon Jeffrey vs. Alabama 2010 youtube video indicates. This kid has the NFL proto-typical size and strentgh teams at the next level love and it will be interesting to see what the next season brings for this Junior wide out.

If you check out some interesting facts about Justin Blackmon written by NFLmocks.com lead editor Sayre Bedinger. Then what will begin to emerge is a player who absolutely dominated Big XII football. Along with Blackmon’s 6’1″ 211lbs. frame the kid is a only a redshirt junior. A few key point that Sayre makes very clear is that Blackmon played in every game last season , had at least 105 yards in every one of the games he played and also scored a touchdown in every game he played in. In 6 of the thirteen games he played in last year he had multiple touchdowns. Blackmon had 20 touchdowns on the year and Blackmon also did this with a 1500 yard rusher in the backfield with Kendall Hunter and a QB in Brandon Weeden who threw for over 4,000 yards and is returning for his senior season.

Against Nebraska last year Blackmon had 5 catches for 157 yards and two touchdowns. This was had while facing a Nebraska secondary that had two cornerbacks taken during this years 2011 NFL draft. Of which the most notible was Prince Amukamara who was drafted by the New York Giants. When Blackmon faced the Texas Longhorns, Blackmon caught 9 passes for 145 yards and one touchdown. This came against a secondary that boasted three defensive backs who were also drafted in this years NFL draft. Most notably Aaron Williams who was drafted 34th overall by the Buffalo Bills. Justin Blackmon has been arrested for one DUI in his time at Oklahoma state but should be able to far remove himself from that as long as he remains trouble free.

Some believe Alshon Jeffrey is a bit slow to be a top 10 pick but you can’t deny his big play ability and while Justin Blackmon broke out during his redshirt sophmore season, Jeffrey didn’t quite put up the mind boggling statistics that Blackmon did this past season. Alshon Jeffrey did put up his numbers with a South Carolina QB that threw for 160 less attempts and 1,200 yards less than the QB counterpart at O.K. State. O.K. State has their returning QB so Blackmon shouldn’t miss a beat while hi scounterpart Jeffrey will not have that luxury in Columbia. Without it being labeled as making excuses for the Gamecock Jeffrey it does have to be duely noted.

So with nothing else to do this off season let the fun begin and let the debate over next years best wide receiver begin. Hopefully both will remain healthy and trouble free that way we could possible be witness to a Heismen hopeful race between to of the nations top players at their respected positions.