2011 NFL Draftees News and Notes


Even though the draft is over doesn’t mean there isn’t news out there about the teams new additions. Here is some of the things I’ve found around the web.

Draft Insider.net takes a look at the top players available. I thought there list was pretty interesting so I’m including it here. The first five top players available:  (though they never say these are in order, I inferred that)

Jeron JohnsonSBoise State
Joseph LefegedSRutgers
Brandon BairDEOregon
Schuylar OordtTENorthern Iowa
Tim BarnesCMissouri

That’s not exactly how my list would look. The first five prospects I would contact “after” I was allowed to would be Kendric Bruney, Terrance Toliver, Henry Hynoski, DeAndre McDaniel, Ian Williams DT, Norte Dame.

Mike Sando of ESPN’s NFC West Blog takes a look at which players he thinks will start for N.F.C. West teams. Spoiler alert Patrick Peterson is one of them.

Wes Bunting briefly describes a few picks he loves and questions. Ryan Kerrigan is one he questions. I agree. I thought he’d be better off playing RDE in a 43.

CBS Sports has a thing they call “rapid reports” a bunch of quick tidbits of information out there.

The most interesting story lines to me.

The Buccaneers drafted 6 captains with their 8 picks. Keep that in mind when you’re mocking next year. It’s not a coincidence.

Steve Jackson is the 7th most influential athlete on twitter, and the #1 most influential NFL player.

Javier Arenas is doing good work in wake of tornado damages. I always enjoy reading stories about athletes giving back and being good role models.

Dolphins fans are made at me for putting them at 32 right now in my initial power rankings, even though I said throughout the article that these are very preliminary and I expect them to change throughout the process so I’ll link them to a story about new Rookie RB addition Daniel Thomas from the Daily Dolphin blog.

Interesting  story from National Football Post. Torrey Smith is to compete for a starting WR position this fall.

He’s coming in to compete and be a starting wide receiver for us,” Newsome said during a conference call with season ticket holders. “The vertical speed he brings to us will be a big asset. Joe is a very good deep thrower. Torrey also has the ability to be a returner. We can utilize him there, but he’s competing to be a starting wide receiver.”

What’s more interesting is Ozzie Newsome saying what his plans were after the draft.

Newsome said the Ravens were going to draft UCLA safety Rahim Moore in the second round if Smith had been off the board.

Profootball talk says the Browns may have gotten fleeced in their draft day trade with the Chiefs.

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