Grading the Buffalo Bills Draft



 Marcell Dareus was an easy call for the Buffalo Bills, but what about the rest of the picks? The Buffalo Bills have struggled the last decade in the draft, but have been singled out at different points by both Todd McShay and Rick Gosselin has having good drafts. In fact, Gosselin who is a pretty tough grader gave the Bills an A+ draft grade. How’d we grade the Bills? Read on to find out.

For the first four rounds I’m going to give a philosophy of the pick grade as well as a value of the pick grade. After that my belief is teams just need to grab players they think can play in the N.F.L. so philosophy goes out the window.

1st Round pick: Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama

Philosophy of the pick: B+

I thought before the draft the Bills could have gone with an elite talent like A.J. Green or Patrick Peterson at #3 overall and then addressed the defensive line or rush linebacker spot early in the second round. And as luck would have it that’s exactly how it broke down. Dareus is a very nice player and there’ s no problem with the pick, I just would have liked to see them go Green or Peterson and then they could have nabbed Jabaal Sheard, Akeem Ayers, or Brooks reed at the top of the second round. Still, for a team that has missed much more often in the first round than they’ve hit as of late taking the player who is often deemed the safest player in the draft can’t be a mistake.

Value: B+/A-

Good value he’s versatile and will fit with the a 34 or 43 if the Bills have another tough year succeeding with a 34 base front.

2nd round pick: Aaron Williams, CB, Texas

Philosophy of the pick: B

If the philosophy of the pick was “best player available” on the Bills Board I’d bump this pick up. But he wasn’t on my board and they need a pass rusher so bad. I’m not a “must fill needs” guy in the draft, I don’t really care if teams do that, that’s not how I evalute drafts. However when a team has an opportunity to take a top player at a position of signifcant need they should.

3rd round pick: Kelvin Sheppard, LB, LSU

Philosophy of the pick: A

Drafting a talented linebacker who has pride in the defense was a good move for the Bills. I thought Sheppard was the best 34 inside linebacker in the draft and liked the value. Good pick by the Bills.

Player value: B+

I had Sheppard as a 3rd round talent, even if this pick was a reach in many people’s eyes, I liked it a lot.  Again, Martez Wilson would have been better value even on my board, but Sheppard is a leader on defense and I think him with Poz and Dareus will help shore up the run defense.

4th round pick: Da’Norris Searcy, S, North Carolina

Philosophy of the pick: D.

I can’t figure out what the Bills are trying to do with this pick. Searcy wasn’t the best safety on the board, they weren’t trying to fill a huge need (unless Whitner is not going to be on the team next year). And it’s not good value.

Value of the pick. D. I wouldn’t even say he was a top player at his position. I don’t understand this pick.

4th Round pick: Chris Hairston, T, Clemson

Philosophy of the pick: A

Getting a potential starter at offensive tackle in the 4th round of the draft is a great deal.

Value of the Pick: A-.

Good value on the pick. I liked this pick a lot.

5th Round pick: Johnny White, RB, North Carolina

Value of the pick:  A-

Johnny White has been pimped on twitter by Sayre for the past two months leading up to the N.F.L. draft. The Bills need a third running back now with only Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller as players that could be long term success in the N.F.L. Good pick by the Bills. I don’t get caught up with needs generally and especially after the fourth round.

6th Round pick: Chris White, LB, Mississippi State

Player value B+. I think he’s an underrated player and could play well on Special teams intially and develop into a decent starter. Decent pass rusher and the bulk to be a contributor in the run game and special teams. Very good production and good measurables. That’s usually a promising combination.

7th Round pick: Justin Rogers, CB, Richmond

Value C: A fine pick, but I think there were much better values here. The Bills still use a full back in their offense so they could have considered Henry Hynsoki. Lawrence Guy is better value. DeAndre McDaniel could have been worth the shot here, Jeremey Beal (and would have given them a potential pass rusher as well),  Lee Ziemba, Da’rel Scott were all players I liked more at this point.

7th Round Pick: Michael Jasper, DT, Bethel Tennessee

Value C+. Definitely has upside. He’s a massive 6’4 and 394 pounds. No one anywhere has any real information on him here, but Buffalowdown took a shot.

There’s a pic and video of Jasper training at that link. Wow look at that Mountain of a man.

Overall I’d give the Bills a B+/A-.  This is the best the Bills have drafted in a long, long time.

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Thoughts? Let me know what you think.