Where Will Philadelphia Eagles’ Kevin Kolb Land?


With the days of the draft and disinformation related to teams and their apparent draft picks not far behind us. It isn’t much of a surprise to hear that the Philadelphia Eagles could be outsourcing their own viable trade rumors for the services of one Kevin Kolb.

Peter King reported yesterday, during his Monday Morning Quarterback, that the Eagles have received interest from at least one team concerning the Philadelphia back-up quarterback. The Eagles are reporting that the team has been offered a 2012 first round draft pick for Kolb. Andy Reid was asked how he stands with Kolb right now, Reid said: “We stand with Kevin in an Eagles uniform. We love Kevin. He’s one of the great team guys we’ve had here. We had an idea who was interested in him entering the draft, and now we’ll have to go back and look at it when they tell us we can make moves.”

Who could this phantom team be, you ask? With teams like Arizona, Miami, Buffalo, Oakland and Seattle all still seemingly in the  market for QB’s since not drafting any in this years draft. Many speculate that it could be Seattle. Seattle runs a West Coast style offense similar to the one Kolb is accustomed to running in Philadelphia. However the Seattle Seahawks just made a trade last year for back-up QB Charlie Whitehurst so to be certain is anyone’s guess and at this point with the way disinformation flies around at this time of the NFL off season, it’s probably best this information is taken with a grain of salt.