NFL Power Rankings After the Draft

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16. Dallas Cowboys- I tried to find a higher place for them than here, but I haven’t been fond of what they’ve done in the draft the past two drafts either. I liked the Tyron Smith pick, actually, but nothing else blew me away. Dez Bryant was a great pick, but when veteran teammates have to have a Pow-Wow with a young talented player that’s a bad sign. Still have problems and age at offensive line and in the secondary. Still is a team filled with distractions and devoid of tremendous leaders (in my opinion as an outside observer with no real knowledge of the situation).

15. Detroit Lions-I’m not ready to proclaim them anything special yet, but good draft after good draft will make them special.

14. Kansas City Chiefs- They had a few picks I really liked and a few I’m not fond of. In any case I liked overall what they did and put themselves in a good position to compete with the Chargers. I think the advantage of the Chargers is clearly at QB, but the Chiefs talent level is getting even with the Chargers fast

13. San Diego Chargers-Another team that had a poor draft. I haven’t liked what the Chargers have done a lot in the last few drafts so this reflects on my rankings. But again if you notice a pattern here the teams with good quarterback play are at the top of the rankings-that’s not by accident. Good quarterbacks cover up flaws.

12. Philadelphia Eagles-Talented team. I hated what they did in the draft. I thought they reached often. Their two best picks to me were a Small running back who will fit well with them and a fullback who fits well in their offense.

11.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Did I do that? Oh, Yes I did. The Buccaneers had a great draft. I liked the Adrian Clayborn pick I think he’s a great fit in their 43 system that gives some 34 looks. I like the Bowers pick. Mason Foster, Luke Stocker, and Ahmahd Black are all good values and fits on the team.

10. Houston Texans-They finally did their defense justice. Phillips is a good defensive coordinator and they now have pieces to put in place a upper level defense. They’re still young on defense though so this might be a little high and they still have a poor head coach, but I’m going to roll the dice on the Texans here.

9. The New York Giants-The Giants turned the ball over nearly 14,000 times last season and were still 10-6. They blew ridiculous games and were still 10-6. The Giants had a great draft. They added a great cornerback in the draft. There are few teams as talented as the New York Giants. I’m not as worried about their offensive line as everyone else is because they have been quietly adding young talent to the offensive line over the past couple of seasons. They have the best OL coach in the game and I trust that Will Beatty, Adam Koets, Mitch Petrus and eventually James Brewer will be decent players. All of these players are better pure athletes than many of the Giants top offensive linemen over the past five seasons.

8. New York Jets-I guess I have to give props to the Jets. Two consecutive A.F.C. Championship Game appearances will do that for a team.

7. Atlanta Falcons-How good is the N.F.C. South. The Falcons still need to address the defensive via free agency if they want to end up this high or higher in the regular season, but they also have a lot of young talent on defense that could be poised to breakout this year.

6. Baltimore Ravens-I thought their talent was a touch overrated last season, but they are looking pretty good right now.

5. Indianapolis Colts-This is all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Peyton Manning. The Colts also suffered a tremendous amount of injuries last year and played a difficult schedule and were still 10-6. I like what they did in the draft. I liked every pick. I think Castanzo is an ideal fit for their offensive system. I think Ijalana will also fit well with the Colts. I like adding the bruiser Delone Carter to the mix. I think they needed another cornerback and Chris Rucker could be that player. And Drake Nevis was great value. Good draft by the Colts. If they had another pick I would have considered grabbing another WR.

4. New Orleans Saints-Top QB? Check. Great Draft? check. They added some serious talent in the draft, they have a brilliant offensive mind as their coach and are poised to have another good season. Drew Brees was off a bit last year, but if he gets back on track this team will be very good.  

3. Pittsburgh Steelers-They had a good solid draft. They added more talent to their trenches and at the cornerback position. Pittsburgh said, “we’re very good except for at the cornerback position and depth and talent along the offensive line” and then went out and corrected those problems. Plus they still have Big Ben.

2. New England Patriots-the Steelers had a nice draft, but this team was 14-2 with talent last year. They added talent to the offensive line

1.  Green Bay Packers-Have to give it to the champs especially after another solid draft.

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