NFL Power Rankings After the Draft

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Here are how I see things breaking down after the draft. Sure free agency will change things as will schedules and injuries as well, but based on the rosters each team has assembled here’s how I see things breaking down as teams are constructed presently. I have no qualms about admitting this will probably change drastically depending on what happens between now and the start of the season (free agency, summer time injuries).

32.  Miami Dolphins-I have officially given up on Chad Henne. He’s regressed a lot. It reminds me of Trent Edwards who had a very nice streak before flaming out for whatever reason (for Trent it was probably a question) Henne has done the same thing. The Dolphins have terrible insider linebacker depth and defensive depth in general. They don’t have a great offensive line. Carey is getting older.  They have very little at wide receiver and before free agency starts they are sans Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. They also have to overcome some turmoil with the Brandon Marshall situation and whatever happened with the head coach during the offseason. No QB + only Daniel Thomas at running back, plus an average defense=bad team. What happens in free agency will change this ranking,  I don’t think they are  staying this low, but for now I think the Dolphins could be in for a rough season. They also play in a good division, and have a brutal schedule traveling to New York, Kansas City, San Diego, Dallas and playing Philly , and Houston at home.

31. Cincinnati Bengals-If Andy Dalton is starting for this team next year I don’t expect much for them. I’m still not convinced either that they’ve rediscovered their run game and run defense which was so prominently featured in the year they made the playoffs.

30. Washington Redskins-If they’re quarterback is Rex Grossman or John Beck (who it is right now). This team can not win this year. 

29. Seattle Seahawks-I don’t care if they just made the playoffs. Right now they are sans quarterback. Tim Hasselbeck said a million times during the draft coverage that “its going to be hard for the Seahawks to bring back last year’s starting Quarterback”. Not sure what that was all about, but until Hasselbeck comes back. I’m not banking on Charlie Whitehurst. If Hasselbeck comes back I’ll consider moving them up some.

28.  Carolina Panthers-Teams that finish last rarely finish last the next season so I’ll move them up a bit. Newton could be good for 5 wins on his pure talent alone. They still have quality running backs and have retooled their defensive line. They had a surprisingly good secondary last year and and quality linebackers. They’re nowhere near great, but they’re better.

27. Denver Broncos- The arrow is pointing up. QB contoversy and if Tebow wins the job, like I expect I expect some bumps and bruises and less wins than if Orton runs the team, but that could benefit them in the long run. They could surprise a bit,  but they are transitioning their defense which takes time to build effectively and they are also changing their offense. McDaniels is a terrible talent evaluator, but a very good offensive mind and losing him could hurt the offense initially. Let’s see what Fox can do this year before anointing them.

26. Arizona Cardinals-I fully believe they’ll move up because they’re going to find a veteran quarterback (Donvan McNabb could be an option?). Until then they are low on the power poll.

25.  San Francisco 49ers-Again this is BEFORE free agency so, right now the 49ers have talented project Colin Kapernick as their QB, or Troy Smith. Until I know what’s happening at quarterback they remain low on the power rankings.

24. Tennessee Titans-Rookie Quarterback and rookie coach could be disastrous. They’re a team in transitioning and those kinds of teams tend to struggle. I’m rooting for Jake Locker and the Titans to succeed. And why not? Other than my favorite team I like to root for the teams that haven’t done well in the Superbowl Rings department (for the most part, one team I won’t mention, I don’ t really care for).

23. Cleveland Browns-Another team transitioning, but they did a good job of adding some talent and McCoy has good experience from last year.

22.   Buffalo Bills-Their run defense last year was terrible and that was adjusted through the draft. They are a team that always tries hard and will steal some wins because of that. I hope they out play my rankings, but only time will tell. They could be worse as well.

21. Minnesota Vikings-Very talented. Expect them to move up the power rankings if ponder develops well. But still a rookie quarterback pushes teams down, even if I like the surrounding pieces. Some Rookie Quarterbacks have bucked that trend lately, but still history says, and for good reason, that rookie quarterbacks will struggle.

20. Oakland Raiders- I think they’re pure talent is underrated. But they still need a franchise Quarterback and they need to be consistent. When they play the A.F.C West they are an excellent team. I don’t know what happens when they get out of the A.F.C. West.

19. St. Louis Rams-I think they are still a year away. They’re getting close though. I think the Buccaneers and Lions have better overall talent, but the Rams could be up there soon.

18. Chicago Bears-Another team I want to get higher, but just didn’t. I’ll have to see how their offensive line responds this year and what they are able to do in free agency.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars-They are what they are. They are an average team that hovers around medicorcity and battles for playoff spots. They are pretty talented, pretty disciplined, but they play in a tough divison that got a lot better. If Gabbert is the real deal they’ll ascend over the next few years, but until then they are still pretty good, not great. In the playoff mix, not in the Superbowl mix.