Could Brian Hoyer be the next starter to emerge from a New England Patriots Back-up role?


For the first time in two years, the Patriots project to keep three quarterbacks on the final roster. With New England Patriots rookie QB Ryan Mallett buried on the depth chart where he should be afforded time to learn the system. Tom Brady is firmly entrenched as the starter, and Brian Hoyer has shown promise as his backup. The Patriots also have Jonathan Crompton, who was a fifth-round selection in 2010, on the roster.

Don’t look for the Patriots to cut Mallett after investing a third-round pick to select him. But with 2009
Undrafted rookie free agent Brian Hoyer likely to become a free agent after this season is it out of the question to ask, “Could Brian Hoyer be the next starter to emerge from a New England Back-up role?”

We know that Bill Belichick is high on Hoyer for the simple fact that going into the 2009 season the Patriots only kept two QBs on the roster. Those two were Tom Brady who was coming off a season ending knee injury and the other was Brian Hoyer. That move seems to ooze quite a bit of confidence if someone was to ask me. With the 6’2″ Hoyer looking confident and capable in limited work going 26-42 for 264 in mostly spot duty during his time in New England. Hoyer has thrown one touchdown, one interception and rushed for one touchdown while having a career QB rating of 77.9%. New England’s not likely to keep Hoyer to play out the length of Tom Brady’s existing contract. With teams who are still in the market for quarterbacks such as Arizona and Miami to mention a couple and Hoyer to become a free agent after this season it could be feasible for the Patriots to unload Hoyer. Ryan Mallet being picked in the third round is a good indication that Coach Belichik is thinking the same thing. Is it really expected that the Patriots will have four QBs on the opening day roster? Doubtful but it could happen but whats more likely to happen is Hoyer sees plenty of action in the preseason and before the trade deadline the Patriots move Hoyer for a third or fourth round pick at the minimum. After signing Hoyer as an Undrafted free agent coming out of Michigan State, the Patriots would love this kind of return on their investment.

Where there is no doubt Brian Hoyer is not the future in Foxboro, the way injuries happen in this league, and the uncertainty at the QB spot on several teams is exactly why Brian Hoyer could follow both Tom Brady and Matt Cassell and end up the next starter to emerge from a New England Back-up role