NFL Draft Grades

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Round 3

Picks That Are Better Than Eating a Klondike Bar

Kelvin Sheppard to the Bills

There might be better picks than this pick, but the Bills had to get players who can contribute regularly on a NFL roster in this draft and Sheppard is that kind of player. Sheppard and Dareus really address the Bills run game. I also think Sheppard is a great fit inside next to Poz in the 34 and an underrated player. Not everyone loves Sheppard, but that’s ok. Kudos to the Bills. let me also mention Jah Reid here. I’ve been on Reid for awhile. Good pick Ravens.

Jurrel Casey to the Titans

I actually didn’t have a problem with the Locker pick in the first round and doing things the way the Titans did got them a combination of Jake Locker and Jurrell Casey, who Dave Razzano said “when people do re-mock drafts in a few years Casey will be a top 7 pick”. He’s a less risky prospect than Nick Fairley and will be a good fit with the Titans. Good pick.

Picks That I Wouldn’t Even Make For a Free Klondike Bar

Dontay Moch to the Bengals

Again, I think something I’ve learned since I’ve started scouting players for the NFL draft is fitting a schematic is important. Unless the Bengals are going to go to a 34 defense, I would have taken another route here, like Martez Wilson who I think is a better fit as a 43 OLB than Moch. I don’t know what the Bengals plan on doing with Moch, but I don’t like this pick much at all.

Steven Ridley to the Patriots

I can get behind the Ryan Mallett pick, but I can not get behind this pick. I don’t like it one iota. Major reach in my opinion. I liked a million more running backs here. I’ll defend the Mallet pick for sure though. Great pick there with how many picks the Patriots have he’s either a great backup, a future starter for the Patriots or will be flipped for more picks

Round 4

Super Bowl Picks

Luke Stocker to the Buccaneeers

I would have been comfortable with Stocker anywhere form the late 2nd on. He’s not flash, but he’s versatile and good all around player. People we’re comparing him to Jason Witten at the Senior Bowl, which is not a comparison I’d make, but I like this pick whether he ends up being a very good #2 TE for years in the league or even a decent #1 TE.

K.J. Wright to the Seahawks

This was pretty much the last 43 OLB I’d want to draft (that can play SAM). Good pick by the Seahawks I liked this one. Underrated player.

Super Chump Picks

Da’Norris Searcy to the Bills

They drafted Aaron Williams who has safety ability, and they have spent a lot of picks on their defensive backfield over the years, but they should have considered a Rush LB here, or even a better player.

Kris Durham to the Seahawks

I thought there were much better wide receivers available at this point. I dont’ disagree with the Seahawks trying to upgrade their wide receivers, more just the WR choice they made here.