Initial Draft Grade Thoughts

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Favorite Picks

38. Ryan Williams to the Cardinals-

I’m not one of those sticklers who’s against running backs early in the draft against all costs because you can find better one’s late. Well, you can also find very, very good ones early. A LOT of the top running backs also come from the early part of the draft so even though you can find a good player later at the position more frequently than you can for most positions. Good running backs still do come from the early part of the rounds. I had Williams as a first round player. I like the pick.

42. Brooks Reed to the Texans

I didn’t love it at first, but I’ve come around on it a little bit. They need a pass rusher and this gives them a chance of having a decent pass rusher. Early in the draft process he was underrated always being rated as a 5th or later round pick by draft time he was overrated. He’s not a first round player  to me especially in a strong class, this is solid value for him though.

43. Kyle Rudolph to the Vikings-

Spoiler Alter: after I questioned the Ponder pick I really though the Vikings did an admirable job redeeming themselves the rest of the draft. Rudolph, if he can stay healthy is good value here.

48. Wisniewski to the Raiders

People are knocking him, but I don’t understand why. I think he’s every bit as good as Pouncey, just as athletic, better at center by far right now, good blood lines also, and tough.

51. Bowers to the Buccaneers

Obvious here. If Bowers is healthy steal if not its a bad pick. Even if Bowers stays healthy and busts it was still a good pick. All players can bust, but this is tremendous value for a has a ceiling that approaches Julius Peppers.

52. Marvin Austin to the Giants

 Imagine your favorite team is facing the Giants and it’s third and ten and the Giants have on the line Osi Umeinyora, Marvin Austin, Linval Joseph, and Jason Pierre Paul with Justin Tuck roaming around behind them. What are you going to do? If Austin can fit into the Giants locker room (another team like the Patriots that seems to be able to absorb characters and get effective performances out of them) he could be the steal of the draft.

57. Mikel Leshoure to the Lions

Great complement to Jahvid Best in the backfield. The Lions offense now rolls out Calvin Johnson and Titus Young at WR, Brandon Pettigrew at TE, Matthew Stafford at QB, and rotates in Jahvid Best and Mikel LeShoure. That’s pretty talented.

60. Brandon Harris to the Texans

 On my own big board he’s a top 20 talent. He has consistency issues and got torched by Michael Floyd. He measured in a little shorter than teams liked and wasn’t a blazer in the 40 yard dash, but he has great confidence/swagger, and fluid hips. I like him more than I liked Kareem Jackson last year. Excellent value pick.

Picks I Question

40. Bruce Carter to the Cowboys

Like Carter a lot, but not sure about the schematic fit here. He also might not play much this year. They could have gone Brooks Reed here, they could have gone Rahim Moore.  Not sure. Question the pick. We’ll see how well he fits, his ability is undeniable. I just liked him more as a 43 LB.

50. Marcus Gilchrist to the Chargers

we interviewed Gilchrist and seemed like a nice enough guy, but a little bit of a reach here in my opinion.

54. Jaiquawn Jarrett-Eagles

A round or even two rounds early. All leading up to the draft I heard about how no Safety rated as a 3rd round prospect even except maybe Moore and then bam three safeties in the second round. Jarrett could fit well with the Eagles though, which is a bit of a redeeming quality, but the Eagles love to move back and probably could have moved back 15 spots here and still got Jarrett.

56. Shane Vareen to the Patriots-

I actually like Vareen and Larry from our sister site really likes him and likes the pick. I just like LeShoure more and think he’s a better combination back to brace with Woodhead and The Law Firm. I don’t hate the pick though. Just question it a bit.

61. Jonas Mouton to the Chargers

Feel like I’m piling on the Chargers here, but I just don’t like this pick much. Was flabbergasted that they passed on Martez Wilson for Jonas Mouton. Not great value and I don’t understand the pick. I actually haven’t liked what the Chargers have done early in the draft in awhile. I didn’t like giving up so much for Matthews, I didn’t like the English pick, I don’t like any of the three picks this year. Nothing against the Chargers really I don’t follow an A.F.C. West Team. Just not sure what’s going on there. What they can count on though is that Philip Rivers will be able to cover up most of the flows on the Chargers.

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