The Difference in the Browns New Regime is Palbable


Under Eric Man(not so)Genius the Cleveland Browns prefered subtance to flash.

The new direction of the Browns, at least in this draft, is talent talent talent.

With their draft the Browns have added some serious talent, the thing is they’ve also added a litany of players with character concerns.

Their first three picks: Phiil Taylor, Jabaal Sheard, and Greg Little were not considered angels coming into the draft, players that Mangini would never allowed to be added, but they were in this draft. Are they talented? For Sure. Are they good picks? That remains to be seen.

But this much is sure, as far as one the field talent, the Browns are significantly better because of this draft than they were before it.

Little, Sheard, and Phil Taylor are all first round types of talents.

In the later part of the draft the Browns continue to add significant talent and potential. The TE they added Jordan Cameron and the OL Jason Pinkston are both players that we submitted to the Huddle Report as players that would be picked in the top 100 picks (they were not) because we recognized their pure abilities.

The rest of the draft also looks solid. Buster Skrine is a low risk High reward kind of player (low risk because it was in the 5th round) who has flashed fantastic ability as well, just very raw and inconsistent. The one player that wasn’t fantastically physically gifted is Owen Marecic, this guy is more of a Mangini pick, but he can play special teams, and full back and played linebacker in college. So the Browns haven’t completely shifted away from their Mangini influence.

All in all the Browns are putting together a quality draft. Adding a first round pick next year, three very physically gifted players in the first three rounds and solid to good values with the rest of the picks.

If you’re a person who believes that needs must be filled in the draft (I’m not). You might be concerned that the Browns have yet to add any quality linebackers for their 43 and that they may need another defensive end as well.

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