Raiders Continue to Add Speed and Upside


Well, one thing you can say about the Raiders is they certainley have athletic ability. To me the Raiders biggest problem has not been Al Davis’ ability to add talented players, the problem has come from his inability to hire and keep quality coaches in the N.F.L. as of late as well as his ability to find a good quarterback.

That’s really the Raiders biggest problems, of course now and then they’ll get fleeced by the Patriots when they made trades with them, but all in all the Raiders have good talent and today the Raiders have added a few more playmakers.

Unlike whenthe Raiders drafted Darrius Heyward Bey though the Raiders have had added players at great value. Chekwa was a player that was considered a viable candidate to end up anywhere between the second and fourth round.

Taiwan Jones has Electrifying ability and was a person that was a possible 3rd round pick with his ability to take it to his house on every play. He also has electric speed and can catch the football out of the backfield. If they lose Michael Bush he won’t be a player that runs over defensive players, and is more  like Mcfadden, but make no mistake he’s talented.

The last pick the Raiders have made might be the best pick of their draft. Denarius Moore is a quality wide receiver who can get deep in a hurry. He’s sleight, and wasn’t as productive as you would like, but that’s why he lasted into the 5th round. Moore is another weapon for the Raiders who can take it deep on any play.

Where as people were asking where did Al Davis go last year because the Raiders took so many quality football players. To couple with their speedy play makers the Raiders took a pair of solid, underrated offensive linemen

Joseph Barksdale is a great OL technician who is underappreciated and good value in the 3rd round.

Stefen Wisnewsiki is a 5th to 7th round prospect to some, but not to me. Wisneiwski is every bit as good as Pouncey is. The Wiz is a better center, he’s a bit squattier and 15 pounds heavier with longer arms than Pouncey. He has better measurables in the short area quickness measurments than Pouncey did and on top of that he also has a solid familial bloodlines as well.

So far the Raiders have quietly put together some nice pieces to add to their already talented roster. The problem with the Raiders will once again be, do they have the coaching and the Quartebacking to make it to the playoffs? If they can show some consistency they could be a contender in the A.F.C. West