On the Eve of The Royal Wedding, The Giants Find a Prince


Prince Williams and Kate whatever her last name is are getting married and my wife is  enthralled, but I’m still swooning over a more important marrige: Prince Amukamara and the the New York Giants. The New York Giants pick might surprise some, but few Giants fans, if any, are unhappy. In an unofficial poll on Big Blue View (a Giants fan blog) 66 Giants fans out of nearly 1600 that casted votes gave the pick a grade of a C or lower.  And over 1200 voted casted the pick of an “A”. But it should not surprise the Giants once again come away with a talented player with their sit back and wait approach to the first round of the N.F.L.Draft.

Prince plays in the secondary a position that despite  popular notion is more valued in the draft by this current Giants regime than defensive line. Prince Amukamara is also a hard name to pronounce and spell, which also allows him to fit in nicely with the Giants defense.

Again, for the second year in a row the Giants standing pat were able to find a player they had rated highly on their board fall into their laps. Last year, the Giants said that Jason Pierre Paul was the 6th rated player on their big board. This year Jerry Reese is being a little more secretive.

Saying “Q: Was there any debate in the room or was it, “I can’t believe this guy is here?’ A: There was some debate. There is always debate. We always talk about a couple of guys. …… and there is always a couple of guys to talk about. So there is always debate.”

Where as Coughlin indicated that Prince pick wasn’t much of a decision at all

Did you feel everyone was on the same page?

A: No question. No question. The value of this pick, where he was ranked, there wasn’t any question about the fact that this player should be on the New York Giants. At one point there were probably four or five players in position there, where we felt real good about it. Then, as we got close and our pick matured, there was Prince and he was clearly the highest rated player that we could take on the board.

What does this pick mean for the Giants. Well first it means they have the most physically gifted secondary in the league (purely physical gifted meaning players dratted high because of potential).

With 4 Cornerbacks on the roster chosen in the first or second round. (Webster, Thomas, Ross, and Now Prince) and 3 of their safeties also chosen in the first round (Phillips, Antrel Rolle, and Deon Grant). To combat the dynamic offense the Eagles and Cowboys will surely have this year, this is a must.

It also means that despite EVERYONE saying the Giants would take an offensive linemen or defensive line here, the fact is the Giants have spent MORE picks on the secondary with their first pick than they have on linemen since 2001. And specifically Jerry Reese loves taking secondary players early, not just defensive linemen.

The Giants spent first round draft picks on Kenny Phillips, Aaron Ross, and now Prince Amukamara in the first round since he’s been here out of 5 drafts. (I’m not a genius mathematician, but that’s about 85 percent..kidding. 60 percent).

It also shows you could things come to those who wait and that beat writer Mike Garafolo has a great handle on the Giants. Garafolo who reported early Thursday morning that (paraphrasing here) “the Giants don’t love Castanzo and will probably look elsewhere)”.

Prince is a player who kept getting knocked for his speed concerns leading up to the draft, ran a 4.38 yard dash at 6 feet tall disproved that theory.  People also questioned his play making ability, but nothing rectifies a cornerbacks ability to take away passes than Justin Tuck, Osi Umeinyora, Mathias Kiwanuka, and Jason Pierre Paul barreling down on a quarterback forcing an errant throw. Prince is also true royalty in his native land, and while William gets the girl and the Title, the King of New York Today is Prince Amukamara.

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