2011 NFL Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Jump Up to Snag Gabbert


Shortly after a blockbuster deal between the Cleveland Browns and the Atlanta Falcons another move materialized but not by the teams many figured it would be. Many thought coming into the night that the Dallas Cowboys would trade back and and capitalize on their ninth spot to accumulate extra picks later in the draft.

The trade almost came to pass but the bottom fell out at the last minute and instead left the door wide open for the division rival Washington Redskins and Jacksonville Jaguars to strike up a deal instead. The Jags offered up the sixteenth and forty-ninth overall picks to Dallas for the ninth overall pick but The Cowboys declined, choosing instead to land offensive tackle Tyron Smith. Once the Cowboys passed on what was more than fair trade value the Redskins seized their opportunity to trade down with the Jaguars allowing Jacksonville to move into the tenth overall slot.

Prior to the draft there hadn’t been much talk of the Jaguars coveting a quarterback. Many figured a defensive player without question would be added to Jack Del Rio’s defense but the Jags had other ideas in mind.

After another quarterback tumble almost reminiscent of the Aaron Rodgers fall in the 2005 NFL draft and a surprising Jake Locker pick by the Tennessee Titans in the eighth spot the Jaguars seemed poised to pounce on quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert had been predicted to have been gone already with so many teams in this years draft having a need at the position yet he was still around at the tenth spot allowing the young signal caller to become the newest member of the Jaguars satisfying a need where he should be able to sit behind David Garrard for a year or two. Gabbert has now went from a cat with stripes at Mizzou to a cat without stripes in Jacksonville. Jaguar fans will be anxious to see if a change in liter boxes will be exactly what the veterinarian ordered.