NFL Mock Battle Vs Mike Mayock’s mock draft


We’ll we’re submitting four mock drafts to The Huddle Report. Mackenzie and Josh have what I call “middle of the road” mocks that seem to fit most mocks.

But I”m going to take this approach. If it’s a consensus pick, it’s probably not happening after the first three picks. So I’m going for broke. The draft always changes on a dime anyway so you never know what to expect.

I had a difficult time with this mock. This is such a whacky hear. I wanted to change every pick three different ways.

I’m putting this out now before I over think any more picks.

This is FINAL

1. Carolina Panthers-Cameron Newton, QB, Auburn

Mayock: Same

I would really consider taking A.J. Green to give Jimmy Clausen another option to see if he could be the answer, but the Panthers seem set on Newton so he’s the pick here. Mayock agrees with me and goes with Newton.

2. Denver Broncos-Von Miller, LB, Texas A and M

Mayock: Von Miller

Sayre’s well connected to people who are connected to the Broncos and we’ve been hearing that they like Von Miller for awhile now, and not just last night so I think Miller is a definite possibility it’s strange that Kiper, McShay, Gosselin, and Mayock all went with Miller last night. There might actually be something to that. I just think it’d be a mistake. If the Broncos take Von Miller to play OLB in the 43 they’re really doing Miller a disservice. I’m not saying he won’t be a pretty good 43 OLB, what I’m saying is he’s much better suited to be a pass rush specialist out of the 34. His elite first step like DeMarcus Ware is best suited for the 34.

My motto is the earlier you hear it the more likely it’s true and I’ve been hearing this for awhile so I’ll bite the bullet and make the pick.

Yikes. Looks like there could be something brewing there for sure.

3. Buffalo Bills-Marcel Dareus, DL, Alabama

Mayock: Dareus

The Bills have needed a dominant pass rusher for the better part of the decade and Miller is their opportunity. But this is the Bills so if they end up bypassing Miller, Peterson, and Green for a player like Ryan Kerrigan or Cameron Jordan I won’t be blow away. Yes, that’s a knock on the Bills. And I can make fun of them because my wife’s a fan, I go to their training camp every year, and watch every game. I just want them to be a good team. I’d much rather watch a good team than games like the Browns Bills 6-3 debacle two years ago.

But it appears it’ll be Dareus here.

4. Cincinnati Bengals-Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

Mayock: A.J. Green

Eeek! That’s the scared noise I’m making as I make my first deviation off the beaten path which could make me a genuis or a total idiot. If Carson Palmer is truly not coming  back Gabbert has to be in serious consideration. Every single team says they just draft the best player available, but that’s obviously not true. Someone’s taking Gabbert and it could be the Bengals. Though I’m nervous because I think Green makes a lot of sense and is a safer pick, but Consensus pick=don’t make. I usually trust the experts through the first five picks or so before deviating, but I’m just going to go with a gut feeling here.

5. Arizona Cardinals-A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

Mayock Pick: Patrick Peterson

And now my mock draft is totally screwed. The Cardinals want to win now. Grabbing a QB won’t do that. Taking Robert Quinn makes sense here as does Patrick Peterson, but I have Green as #1 on my personal board and maybe they’ll try to re-create that Fitzgerald Boldin magic with Fitzgerald and Green.

6.  Cleveland Browns-Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

Mayock Pick: Julio Jones

Peterson could be gone here already, but I think if he’s available the Browns will jump on it. He can be a dynamic return man (so is Cribbs) and a big time play maker in their secondary. I think Julio Jones makes a ton of sense and in my last mock I had Jones here, but I’ll go with Peterson, even though he might not be available here. I almost want to pick jones just because I think if Peterson’s not here he’ll be the pick, but I’m going to swing for the fences here.

7. San Fran 49ers-Prince Amuakamara, CB, Nebraska

Mayock: Blaine Gabbert

I’m basing this on the 49ers beat reporters. Who have reported that the 49ers like 5 players here. Gabbert (gone), Peterson (gone), Miller (gone), Amukamara and Robert Quinn. It’s really a flip of a coin there. I think Amukamara is a better player personally and Quinn sat out last year.

8. Tennessee Titans-Jake Locker, QB, Tennessee Titans

Mayock Mock: Nick Fairley

Now, I’m getting crazy. I think the Titans and Vikings like Jake Locker a lot. The Titans have good offensive weapons, but need a QB to get them the ball. If the Titans like Locker I do not think he will be available after the 12th pick and maybe not even after the Redskins so if the Titans like Locker they have to take him here.

They’re really in a tough spot. I think the best picks here are Fairley or Bowers. But if you’re going to take a player with big risks (Farley has questions about his maturity/commitment and Bowers with the knee) anyway you might as well go with the more important position.

9.  Dallas Cowboys-Tyron Smith, T, USC

Mayock pick: Same

I’m choosing Smith here over J.J. Watt. I believe they like Smith and I like Smith as well. Smith has huge arms, good athletic ability, great functional strength. Smith is a good pick here.

10. Washington Redskins-Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

Mayock Pick: Amukamara

The WR corps for the Redskins is not young and not good anyway. The Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys all have devestating WR units and the Redskins have to step it up if they want to compete offensively. They may have to look to trade into the early 2nd round to get a QB they like (Possibly Mallett).

11. Houston Texans-Robert Quinn, OLB, UNC

Mayock Same

I was debating here between Robert Quinn and Aldon Smith and choose Quinn over Smith because of Quinn’s great upside and pure talent. I asked Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle blogs if he thought the Texans would consider Quinn if available despite the character concerns and he said they would. The one thing for sure is the Texans need help on defense.

12. Minnesota Vikings-Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

Mayock: Aldon Smith

I think the Vikings like Jake Locker and Tyron Smith, but if not they’ll go best player available and at this point that’s Fairley. Pat Williams is not a young man anymore. Fairley would be a great fit in the system that Vikings run as well, even though he’s not as stout vs the rush as either of the Williams is, but he could do well in a defense that has Tampa 2 principles.

13. Detroit Lions-Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

Mayock: Castanzo

The Lions have said they have no problem with  Bowers knee (could be a lie for sure) and if that’s true he’s the best player available. Vanden Bosch has some age, a Defensive line with Suh, Bowers, Avril could be the best defensive line in the league with time.

14. St. Louis Rams-Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

Mayock: Liuet

I just think the Rams are one of the teams who will be a surprise pick. I had Adrian Clayborn here last time, but this time I’ll go with Kerrigan just because I haven’t seen them connected before (makes no sense, right?). Kerrigan is loved by many, Parcells included. He could be a great under the radar option for the Rams.

15. Miami Dolphins-Mike Pouncey, G, Florida

Mayock pick: Same

Maybe this is wishful thinking that Pouncey goes before the 19th pick? Either way I don’t believe the Dolphins will take Ingram because they have no 2nd round pick and it’s hard to grab a Running back in the first round if you don’t have a second round pick.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars-Cameron Jordan, DE, Cal

Mayock Pick: Kerrigan

If Ryan Kerrigan is not available I think Cameron Jordan could make a lot of sense.

17. New England Patriots- J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

Mayock: Cameron Jordan

This is good value for Watt and a perfect system fit. I think there’s a very good chance that Watt goes earlier, and it could be likely he does so, but he just didn’t in this mock draft.

18. San Diego Chargers-Aldon Smith, OLB, Missouri

Mayock: J.J. Watt.

I have no idea what the Chargers will do. I never get them right, so with that in mind I just went in a different direction. They could grab an OLB and at this point Aldon Smith is probably the best. I mocked Jimmy Smith here in my last mock. He’s one of the few players with first round grades the Chargers have had a workout with according to profootballtalk’s visit tracker. And the Chargers have shown a penchant for drafting cornerbacks earlier.

19. New York Giants-Anthony Castanzo, T, Detroit Lions

Mayock Pick: Mark Ingram

I hope the Giants consider Ingram. I just don’t know if they will. If Castanzo is available I think he’ll be the pick.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Adrian Clabyorn, DE, Iowa

Mayock Pick: Da’Quan Bowers

I think NFL personnel men like Adrian Clayborn and I think he’ll be a top 20 pick. I think he could go to just about any team between 12 and 20. I think he’s a great fit in Tampa Bay and would not be surprised if this was actually the pick.

21. Kansas City Chiefs-Gabe Carimi, T, Wisconsin

Mayock pick: Danny Watkins

Just a gut feeling and then I talked with a few Chiefs fans I know (Larry McDaniel is one of them and he said Carimi makes a lot of sense and is a definite possibility. A couple other Chiefs fans I’ve spoken with (check out have also said Carimi is an option and Phil Taylor might not be a “Pioli guy”.

22. Indianapolis Colts-Nate Solder, T, Colorado

Mayock: Same

If the Colts go Offensive line Solder and Castanzo might be the best fits. With Castanzo gone and Solder available I’ll go the easy route and take Solder.

23. Philadelphia Eagles-Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois

Mayock pick: Carimi

Jimmy Smith is the consensus pick here, which means I have to envoke my draft philosophy here. If it’s a consensus pick, it’s not happening. It just seems to work that way. I think the Eagles could trade up and grab Smith, or trade out of the first round. If not they could go defensive line. Their DT were not great last year even though Dixon came on strong. But more importantly than that, like the Giants, they just like to draft defensive linemen early.

24. Buffalo Bills, QB, Andy Dalton, TCU

Mayock pick: Phil Taylor (Saints)

This is the one predicted trade I’ll take a stab at. Apparently the Bills like Ponder a lot. If that’s true, they could jump the Seahawks because they are the only QB needy team left in the first round. To move up this many spots wouldn’t cost that much and they have shown they are willing to trade up for the right player.  Even though I said I think they like Ponder a lot, it appears that Dalton is the most likely to go in the first round so I’ll put Dalton here. Whatever the case, I think someone jumps the Seahawks for one of the remaining quarterbacks.

I prefer Kaepernick with Chain Gailey, but rumblings are the Bills like Ponder. I think he’s the only 2nd round QB who came in for a visit.

25. Seattle Seahawks-Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

Mayock Pick: Marvin Austin says that the Seahawks are very interested in Colin Kapernick and Mark Ingram among some other players. Even though Jimmy Smith also makes a ton of sense here and might be a more likely pick I think Smith is a top 10 talent and it’s likely he’s not available here.

26. Baltimore Ravens-Jimmy Smith, CB, Eagles

Mayock pick: Same

If Smith is available here  I don’t think they can pass on him. It might be more likely they go Muhammad Wilkerson or Cameron Heyward here, but I know Smith will go in the first round so I have to mock him somewhere.

27. Atlanta Falcons-Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State

Mayock pick: Clayborn

I would not take Reed in the first round, but maybe the Falcons will take Reed as an undersized pass rush specialist (like John Abraham). But I’ll go with Heyward here.

28. New England Patriots-Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA

Mayock pick: Jake Locker (Some team trading with the Patriots)

I think Ayers is an ideal fit for the Patriots, I really do. His versatility to play inside or outside rush the passer or drop into coverage. The Patriots also haven’t been stickler’s for speed on defense. Ayers would be an excellent pick for New England in my mind, I’m just not sure they will. I also think they try to use this pick and move their pick at the top of the 2nd round for a future first rounder. Just a hunch.

29. Chicago Bears-Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina

Mayock pick: Jon Baldwin

Marvin Austin has first round talent and has been impressive in the pre-draft process. The Bears need a replacement for Tommie Harris and almost all of the good offensive linemen are off the board. I would really consider Sherrod here, but I just have a feeling the Bears will look DT here.

30. New York Jets-Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor

Mayock pick: Same

Taylor is a very large man with feet problems (reportedly) and weight control problems, plus some character concerns. I think the Chiefs will pass on him. If however he lasts to the Jets I think they will draft him. They need a NT to replace Kris Jenkins.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers-Danny Watkins, G, Baylor

If the Steelers are enamored with Pouncey they are looking for interior defensive line help. With Maurkice playing center they don’t need a center they need a guard. I’ve seen Watkins as high as 15 on big boards from people connected to the league. The Steelers can afford to take an older player because they will be competing for a Superbowl every year Big Ben is their QB in the near future. Watkins is talented, I’ve been hesitant to put him in the first round because of his age and am still a bit worried about putting him here. But I’ll go with Watkins over Cornerbacks because I think the Steelers feel they can get a good CB in the second round like Brandon Burton, or Ras I Dowling.

Mayock pick: Aaron Williams

32. Green Bay Packers-Muhammad Wilkerson, DE/DL Temple

Mayock pick: Andy Dalton (some team trading with Packers)

 I think with Pouncey/Watkins off the board the Packers will go Defensive line. But I wanted to find a spot for Cobb who could sneak into the first round. Two running backs end up in the first round pretty much every year. At this point I also only have two Wr off the board. It’s hard to imagine only 3 RB/WR will come out of the first round. Plus I’ve heard Cobb is really loved by a team in the first round (not this one).

Still, I think Wilkerson will go somewhere in the first round and since I don’t have him mocked yet I’l put him here.

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