Just when you started to believe the Broncos might want a new quarterback... "Let�..."/> Just when you started to believe the Broncos might want a new quarterback... "Let�..."/>

John Elway Is Tebow’s “Biggest Fan”, and other NFL Draft News & Rumors


Just when you started to believe the Broncos might want a new quarterback…

“Let’s put it this way, I’m his biggest fan,” Elway said. “He’s one of those guys who — if he comes out and is the player we hope he can be — then we’re in pretty darn good shape. He’s a great ambassador for us as a team. He realizes, and I’ve told him: The bottom line is, ‘You can do all those things and make all those plays that a lot of guys can’t do, and that’s something you have that they don’t — but you have to realize for us to be champions, you have to be able to win it from the pocket and make all those throws from the pocket.’ ”

Elway wouldn’t exactly rule out the Broncos drafting a quarterback, but he did basically everything but.

“You’re always projecting it, but I think he can eventually get there,” Elway said. “I can’t tell you a timeline. I don’t know if it’s going to be this fall or this time next year. But I think he’s got the desire that eventually he’s going to be very effective.

“Those guys, obviously, there’s holes in every young guy coming out,” he said. “There’s not an Andrew Luck, a [Matthew] Stafford, a [Sam] Bradford. Those guys are all very good quarterbacks in my mind, but there are holes in every one of them — as there were in Tebow. I think where we are as an organization, we’re going to go with Tim.”

Even bigger news today is the fact that the NFL is apparently back in business. Here is a tweet from ESPN’s Trey Wingo:

“Teams will also be given instructions tomorrow regarding trades..free agents..signings etc. In other words..football for now..is back”

At the moment of my writing this, my Twitter feed is absolutely exploding with news about the NFL open for business likely tomorrow, possibly today–it’s all so confusing. Check back later for an official update there.

  • The Patriots reportedly are discussing a trade with the Dallas Cowboys, per Todd McShay. The Patriots are targeting Cam Jordan, and the Cowboys feel they can get the OT of their choosing at 17.
  • McShay also speculates that Patrick Peterson is the guy the Texans want, and he predicted they would trade up with the Cardinals to get him. The Cardinals could likely move down to 11 and still get Robert Quinn or Aldon Smith.
  • Nobody has a clue where Blaine Gabbert is going.
  • NFL has instructed teams to open their doors for business on Friday morning. The lockout is officially over.