2011 Fan Mock Draft, Guest Mocker Randy Schwimmer


Here is a mock draft from one of my Twitter followers, Randy Schwimmer. He’s been wanting to have one of his mocks posted on a site, so I offered him the opportunity. Enjoy!

#1 Carolina Panthers: Marcell Dareus DT Alabama

Most people think that the Panthers HAVE to go with Cam Newton here.  Why I ask?  Jimmy Clausen was never given a decent run at anything last year.  The offense was the worst in the league.  Get the defense STRONGER up front, and give the kid another shot.  If players are up for FA, you can grab a good receiver to help him out.

#2 Denver Broncos: Von Miller; DE/OLB Texas A&M

Marcell Dareus has been the consensus here.  I just don’t see it happening, even if Cam Newton is taken number one overall.  Von Miller is the best linebacker/edge rusher in this draft, and the Broncos can utilize his skills in Fox’s 4-3.  He can line up as the SAM backer on first and second down, and let him line up with his hand in the dirt and wreak havoc on passing downs.

#3 Buffalo Bills: A.J. Green; WO Georgia

What, Newton still on the board??? Think of how great the Bill’s offense could be with A.J. lining up waiting for the rock to come out to him.  Do you cover Stevie Johnson, or AJ?  Ryan Fitzpatrick is no slouch, and he will shine with AJ helping him out.

#4 Cincinnati Bengals: Cam Newton: QB Auburn

This is a no brainer.  Carson is gone.  They can add any defensive help in the second round.  Chad will be back, and they have Shipley developing nicely.

#5 Arizona Cardinals:  Blaine Gabbert : QB Mizzou

This is where it gets hard.  Ken could go with PP here, but I think he will go with a QB that he knows will make Fitz happier.  If players are allowed to be packaged as part of trades at draft time today, watch out.

#6 Cleveland Browns: Nick Fairley; DT Auburn

Going from the 3-4 to the 4-3 that Holmgren is changing to will need a force in the middle of the defense.  They let Rogers leave, and now have no one in the middle of DT for the start of the season.  The Browns are THRILLED with this.

#7 San Francisco 49ers: Patrick Peterson; CB LSU

Jim H. is going streaking when he finds out PP lands to his new ball club.  Nate Clements should be axed.  With PP in the bay area, Ndamdi will no longer be remembered as the shutdown CB from the bay.

#8 Tennessee Titans: Ryan Mallett; QB Arkansas

WHAT Mallett in the first round?  The Titans are thrilled this came together.  The want a QB that can get the ball down the field.  Kerry Collins will start this year, and let Mallett mature, and learn the playbook.  I think this will really be the best situation for Tennessee.

#9 Dallas Cowboys: Prince Amukamara; CB Nebraska

Dallas is very happy with this consolidation price.  They wanted Patrick Peterson or Von Miller, but this makes JJ very happy.

#10 Washington Redskins: Jack Locker: QB Washington

Mike Shannahan has been quiet about this.  He was also like this with Jay Cutler.  Locker is going to be a great QB.  He has Favre like skill sets, and is more accurate than 90% of the people are giving him credit for.

#11 Houston Texans: Aldon Smith: DE/OLB Mizzou

Demarcus Ware?  All that needs to be said.  Wade gets to do his little fist pumps.

#12 Minnesota Vikings: Robert Quinn: DE/OLB North Carolina

Ray Edwards will be gone.  If Allen can get some help on the other end from Quinn, that D line could be stout again, and wreak havoc on opposing QB’s.

#13 Detroit Lions: Anthony Castonzo: OT Boston College


#14 St. Louis Rams: Julio Jones: WR Alabama

Josh McDaniels gets his Brandon Marshall, and Sam Bradford just did somersaults with excitement.  “I finally have someone to catch the football!”

#15 Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram: RB Alabama

Concerns about his knee are unwarranted.  There will be no way that Miami could pass on this stud toting the rock for years to come.

#16 Jacksonville Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan: DE Purdue

Get Kerrigan’s motor next to Alualu’s motor, and they could have one of the best defensive lines in football.

#17 New England Patriots: JJ Watt: DE Wisconsin

Richard Seymour anyone?  JJ Watt will fit perfectly into BB’s 3-4 five technique.

#18 San Diego Chargers: Cameron Jordan DE Cal

The front three of the 3-4 defense in San Diego gets a huge upgrade at the five technique here.  Jordan has a very high motor, and will fit perfectly in San Diego.

#19 New York Giants: Martez Wilson: MLB Illinois

The GMen need a strong case for a MLB.  Keith Bullock is old, and needs to hang em up.  Martez Wilson will be a perfect MIKE for the 4-3 in New York.

#20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jimmy Smith: CB Colorado

With Talib being on the cutting block, Smith give TB the strong, physical CB they will need.  Moore will know how to make sure his young CB stays in line.

#21 Kansas City Chiefs: Muhammad Wilkerson: DE/DT Temple

Scott Pioli gets his Vince Wilfork in the middle of the Chiefs defensive line.  Wilkerson is quicker on his feet, and can push the pocket back to make room for Hali to get to the QB.

#22 Indianapolis Colts: Gabe Carimi: OT Wisconsin

Indy needs a tough nosed kid in their line to get Peyton more time to get the rock down the field.  Corey Liuget is still there, and it will be tempting, but Peyton makes sure he gets some protection.

#23 Philadelphia Eagles: Derek Sherrod: OT Mississippi State

The Eagles need a strong right tackle to protect Vick’s blind side.  Sherrod is a big, nasty tackle, and Vick will be happy to not get thrown around as much this season.

#24 New Orleans Saints: Corey Liuget: DT Illinois

Saints get a high motor beast of a 3 technique, and they try to forget the freight train that was Marshawn Lynch.

#25 Seattle Seahawks: Christian Ponder: QB Florida State

Ponder will remind Pete Carroll of Mark Sanchez, and it will be a match made in heaven.

#26 Baltimore Ravens: Aaron Williams: CB/FS Texas

Baltimore almost cried when they saw Jimmy Smith come off the board so high.  Aaron Williams is a big, physical CB that controls his body very well.  The Ravens will use him as CB for a couple of years, then he will replace Ed Reed in center field.

#27 Atlanta Falcons: Adrian Clayborn: DE Iowa

John Abraham needs help.  Clayborn can be a beast when he wants to be.  Coach Smith will kick him into shape, and he will have a great player.

#28 New England Patriots: Mikel Leshoure: RB Illinois

BB get’s a strong physical back that reminds him a lot of Corey Dillon.  Last time the Pats won the Super Bowl, Dillon was their bell cow.

#29 Chicago Bears: Marvin Austin: DT North Carolina

Tommy Harris gone, in comes Austin.

#30 New York Jets: Phil Taylor: NT Baylor

With Kris Jenkins having back to back knee surgeries, Ryan get’s his new Jenkins in Taylor.  Big, and fast.

#31 Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Pouncey: G/C Florida

The twins get to re-unite.  Mike wanted to go to Dallas, but getting to line up next to his twin is the best place for him.

#32 Green Bay Packers: Brooks Reed: OLB/DE Arizona

Clay Matthews gets his twin…..no wait, they aren’t related?  Well the two locks blonde hair will be terrorizing offenses for years to come.

Thank you again Sayre.  Made my day.