Bill Parcells Draft Confidential Special Highlights


The Bill Parcells Draft Special was GREAT for anyone seriously interested in this stuff. So much. I hope it’s on again if you didn’t see it. Thoguh missed the first few minutes. even if you don’t like Parcells and don’t agree with his process or his rankings. It’s just engagint to listen to someone’s process who has critical experience in the draft room of the draft day.

I’ll try to give you the highlights.

Bill Gave the prototypical charts for players.

Defensive End6 4.32794.829.733
34 DE6 4.22914.931032.7
Crash/Rush End6 3.52664.79.633.1
DT6 33024.989.733
34 OLB6 3.32564.659.633.1
34 ILB6 1.52404.719.532.1
34 NT6 2.23165.071032.5
Linebacker6 1. 22394.699.431.6
Sam LB6 2.32434.659.532.4
CB5 11.21934.47931.1
SS6  0.22074.519.231.4
FS6 0.12044.529.231.4

I didn’t catch the offfensive prototypes, i assume it was up before I started watching.

Thing that would concern me about Amukamara. “He has short arms. That’s not an asset for Cornerbacks. he might have trouble contesting passes”

He went on to say that he can make up with that with other things, but said he’s not the ideal CB.

I’m going to give you some highlights of everything.

Bill had to choose between Meir and Drew Bledsoe. This is what he had to say about choosing Bledsoe.

Meir more defined in the leadership role. What I felt at the time was only 20 years old and I saw him make every throw that needed to be in Football. Where will Bledsoe be when he’s 23 years old like Rick Meir was then?”

Offensive linemen.

Critical Factors for Offensive tackle in this order. Size, Strength, quickness.

6’2 guy. He’s not big enough. The average guy is almost 6’6. He’s 4 inches under average.  If he’s a graet player I’m looking for another position. He’s not going to get by a tackle.

Grading system is done by a value system based on numbers and letters (Wes Buntin’s grading system. For those familiar with that).

2.0 is a reject player. a 9.0 grade is the highest player we’ve ever had. Billy Simms was the highest grade at 9.0.

Lawrence Taylor was an 8. He played like a DE and we were drafting him as a linebacker. Great player. But it was circumstance. An 8 because he was a projection.

There are no 9.0’s in this draft.

5.5 is the cut off for being draftable. Below 5.5 you’re a free agent or camp guy.

Typically first round players are in the 7 category, some 6’s make it in the first round.

Besides a number grade we give a letter grade (typing. Go from A-K

A. Dominant and Impact Player

B. Impact player

C. Impact player but undersized

D. Consistent player

E. non-competitive player

F. Lacks speed

G. undersized player

H. Projection

I. size and speed

J.growth potential/weight

K. redeeming quality

“A C player is a very good player who just happens to be short: Barry Sanders, Darrel Green, Tony Dorsett
an F player. Jumbo Elliot. All the size, and physical requirements. Just doens’t run well enough for the position prototype”

An H player: Darren Woodson. Played safety for Cowboys, played linebacker at Arizona State. Teddy Bruschi, we knew he wasn’t going to be a defensive end. We weren’t sure what he was going to be. We knew he could play special teams“.

Jacquizz Rodgers: “He’s a G player. We call these guys mascot players. He looks like a Mascot. I remember watching Darren Sproles. I had em before Joe Morris, Dave Megget. Rodgers is the quintessental mascot player, if you will”

Bill Parcells QB Criteria. These are the absolutes

1. Must be a 3 year starter

2. Must start 30 games

3. Must win 32 games

4. Must have a 2:1 TD to INT Ratio

5. Must complete 60 percent of passes (usually like)

6. Senior (would like him he said)

7. Wants him to graduate (would like he said)

Andy Dalton doesn’t have prototypical size, so there are more factors. You don’t live just by those criteria, but that’s a heavy impact.

On Ryan Mallett: Mallet I worry a little bit about Mallett. Big guy doesn’t look very elusive. Durability is what I worry about with him. He’s a big guy but he’s going to get hit.

Tirico “how difficult has it got to evalute because of spread offenses?”

Contraty to what most people think. I think QB are more advanced now than they were 10-15 years ago. Some of these kids have been running the spread offense since highs chool. A good pro coach starts with the concepts and principles of the passing game. Will give the kid a chance to relate back to what he learned at college”

What happened with Pat White?

That’s my mistake. We were caught up in this wildcat. It wont he division for us. He looks a guy we can expand the wild cat with an expand this is a little bit. Young man high producer in college. Most valuable player in four bowl games. Had an inordinate amount of wins. It was our mistake. He had almost all of the criteriz. We violated a principles. When you violate principes invariable it leaps up and bites you. The Wildcat was a novelty which was successful for a period of time.

There is NO prototypical Running back. This is the only position. (pagaphrase: Success is all  across the spectrum, brusiers, speedsters, all different shapes and sizes).

Take this position [RB] and go by production only.

Have to have good vision and instincts and they can’t fumble (What I’ve been saying about Mark Ingram forever. And why he’s a top 10 player in this draft).

The teams he worked for  tracked What each teams were drafting to keep track of positions so they had two boards. One tracking the picks as they came in who was off the board and then the picks for every single team to gauge what positions teams probably won’t try to grab again incase they wanted to trade up they’d have a good idea how far they’d have to move up.

Tirico asked him to name a few players he liked a lot.

His Answers:

Ryan Kerrigan. compared him to Shaun Phillips, Ray Edwards.  Next in line Ryan Kerrigan. Will be a good player somewhere.

Casey Matthews. I think he’d be an instant third down coverage linebacker and special teams player for either a 43 or 34 team. Talked about how his family legacy was a great motivator for him to suceed.

Cedric Thornton.

I like Ryan Williams a little bit.

Rickardo Lockette

you have to go back to the  basis. You have to go back and remember how does this particular player play in pads on the football field in top game conditions. It’s not 3 cone drills or 40 yard dash or jingle jangle. That’s not what we’re doing here. He has to be able to play on the football field”.

Two people tried to break down the big board he had up there. Here and here.

I know a few interesting things I noticed while watching it was Mikel LeShoure was the 4th rated running back. Gabe Carimi was in the third round range. Nate Irving a first round ILB.

That’s the recap I have for you guys today.

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