The Green Bay Packers are already one of the most talented teams in the league, and they ..."/> The Green Bay Packers are already one of the most talented teams in the league, and they ..."/>

2011 NFL Mock Draft, Green Bay Packers Edition


The Green Bay Packers are already one of the most talented teams in the league, and they have great drafting to thank for that. Ted Thompson has proven that he is one of the best general managers in the NFL, and it led to the Packers winning another Super Bowl title.

Still, this is a team that got hot at the right time, and also a team that barely made it into the playoffs in the first place. If not for a 10-6 victory over the Chicago Bears in the final week of the season, Green Bay likely would have watched the postseason from home.

Good thing they didn’t.

A barrage of injuries led so many people to forget how talented this Packers team really is. Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley are just two prominent starters offensively that the Packers lost, not to mention guys on the defensive line, at linebacker, and secondary. Perhaps not coincidentally, some of the Packers’ top needs are at those aforementioned positions, and they are in great position to address those needs with five picks in the first four rounds.

1. First Round, 32nd overall: Danny Watkins, Offensive Lineman, Baylor

Danny Watkins isn’t the most exciting pick here, but he’s probably the right pick. Watkins is one of those blue-collar guys who can jump in for a team like Green Bay and start immediately. He will be 27 at the time of the season starting, but he is worth the risk for Green Bay at this point, and according to what I’ve been hearing and reading, he is good value at this spot also.

2. Second Round, 64th overall: Sam Acho, Defensive End/Outside Linebacker, Texas

Sam Acho isn’t a flashy guy, but he can most certainly be the complement to Clay Matthews that the Packers crave. He was a pass rush specialist at Texas, and he will continue to be just that for the Packers. I think Green Bay would love to be able to get Brooks Reed in the first round, but this is not a bad alternative right here.

3. Third Round, 96th overall:  Christian Ballard, Defensive End, Iowa

This is a pure value pick right here. Ballard drops a bit because of his failed test at the Combine, but the Packers see him as a great fit with this low of a pick, and a guy that can potentially start for them right away. This is a move that would significantly upgrade their line, and he could go in an practice against his old teammate and last year’s first round pick Bryan Bulaga.

4. Fourth Round, 129th overall: Greg Salas, Wide Receiver, Hawaii

Salas is a very under the radar prospect who would help this team in many different ways, most notably in the passing game where he is a football vacuum. This would be a very solid pick at this juncture in the draft.

5. Fourth Round, 131st overall:  Greg Jones, Linebacker, Michigan State

Packers still in position to take the best players available in this year’s draft, and they make another pick on the defensive front seven. This is another excellent one, in my opinion. Jones could free-fall on draft day, but if he makes it to the fifth round I’ll be surprised. Just another reason for Packers fans to be excited about the depth of this team.

6. Fifth Round, 163rd overall: Cortez Allen, Cornerback, The Citadel

Continuing to add depth and speed to the defensive side of the ball. Allen is a solid value pick with all of the physical skills to develop into the type of cornerback the Packers covet.

7. Sixth Round, 197th overall: Mario Fannin, Running Back, Auburn

High upside choice here, getting a big running back with some power to go along with the speed he displayed at the Combine. The Packers had injury troubles at RB, and this is a great spot for him to go.

8. Seventh Round, 204th overall: Mark Scheichl, Outside Linebacker, Colorado School of Mines

The Packers always take some player or multiple players from small schools, and this year should be no different. Scheichl was dominant at the CSM in the pass rushing department, and has serious upside at this juncture of the draft.

9. Seventh Round, 233rd overall: Colin Cochart, Tight End, South Dakota State

One of the hot rising tight end prospects in the draft, he gives the Packers another camp body to add to the position and maybe also try him out as a FB/H-Back type as well.