The Kansas City Chiefs were one of the most surprising teams in the NFL last year. Even t..."/> The Kansas City Chiefs were one of the most surprising teams in the NFL last year. Even t..."/>

2011 NFL Mock Draft, Kansas City Chiefs Style


The Kansas City Chiefs were one of the most surprising teams in the NFL last year. Even though they played an “easy” schedule, everyone thought, “This will be the week the Chiefs falter,” and it just never happened.

Todd Haley’s squad was one-and-done in the playoffs, but the point is–they made it. Now, one of the league’s most talented rosters has a chance of getting better, the big question is whether or not the Chiefs will look to an area of need, or if they will continue to take the best player on their board.

If you were Scott Pioli, what would you do?

1. First Round, 21st overall:  Brooks Reed, Outside Linebacker, Arizona

The Chiefs have needs on both sides of the line, particularly at nose tackle, but the 21st pick is simply too early for Phil Taylor in my opinion, and I think Scott Pioli will agree with me.

What does Brooks Reed bring to the table, then?

The former defensive end will play strong-side linebacker for the Chiefs with the versatility to put his hand in the ground in the future if the need ever arises, so it’s a smart pick from a versatility standpoint. Reed is also a solid anchor, which playing strong-side ‘backer he is going to need to be. He is the type of high-motor, high-energy guy the Chiefs would love to pair with Tamba Hali. With Reed on one side, you can no longer pay ample attention to him without keeping a close eye on Reed.

A tandem like this is something that scouts and coaches drool over, so it will be interesting to see if the Chiefs opt in this direction.

Also considered: Akeem Ayers, Gabe Carimi, Phil Taylor

2. Second Round, 55th overall: Greg Little, Wide Receiver, North Carolina

It’s a little atypical of a Scott Pioli run team to use this prime of a pick on a wide receiver, but this case could be different because the Chiefs don’t have a wide array of needs. This is a team that can afford risks like Little at this point in the draft, and they could reap the benefits. Little is a lot like Dwayne Bowe, which has to make Chiefs fans very happy. They could look to a smaller, speedy complement but in the NFL, bigger is always better.

Little has a fantastic combination of size and strength, and will be another physical receiver to add to this already very talented team. Ideally, you’d like to see a Jon Baldwin or Leonard Hankerson drop here, but I’m not so sure that will happen. If the Chiefs are not sold on the value of Little, they could opt for another position, and possibly a player on their board of higher value. This was a calculated risk/reach pick.

3. Third Round, 86th overall:  Jerrell Powe, Nose Tackle, Ole Miss

Powe is going to be 24 at the start of the season, but he has the heart of a lion and may be one of the more active nose tackle prospects in the draft. Powe doesn’t flash huge numbers, but for a guy who has only one job–to occupy blockers–his career numbers at Ole Miss stand out. He drops to the third round here because of his age, but the Chiefs are happy to put him into the rotation on a team they believe can win now. For them, this is a fantastic value pick, and in the third round they are getting a guy that could feasibly start right away.  

4. Fourth Round, 118th overall:  Jah Reid, Offensive Tackle, Central Florida

Perhaps a bit of wishful thinking to say that Reid will still be on the board at this point, but it’s certainly possible. The 6’7″ 330 pounder could play guard or tackle for the Chiefs, and has the size and athleticism to be effective in their zone blocking scheme. In the fourth round, there’s not much more that you could ask for out of a prospect.

5. Fifth Round, 135th overall: Pat Devlin, Quarterback, Delaware

The Chiefs are in the market for a backup quarterback to replace Brodie Croyle, who is just awful. Devlin is just the type of developmental guy you would look for at this juncture of the draft, a guy who can come in, learn the offense, and learn from Matt Cassel for as long as he needs. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that the Chiefs are going to be picking up a quarterback at some point in the draft, and this is a good spot to do it.

6. Fifth Round, 140th overall: Akeem Dent, Linebacker, Georgia

Dent may not last this long due to the fact that he is such a great fit for inside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme, but this is a good place to project him in my opinion. Dent would be an excellent fit for the Chiefs here, a guy who can step in and play special teams and contribute.

7. Sixth Round, 199th overall: DeJon Gomes, Safety, Nebraska

This is another depth/special teams pick right here. Gomes is a high energy guy who will put a lick on someone in the return game. He can help out the Chiefs immediately on special teams and as a rotational player defensively.

8. Seventh Round, 223rd overall: Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, Iowa

Big time high upside pick right here. DJK has some concerns attached to him, but nobody is going to hit the weight room harder, and he can contribute on special teams (as though the Chiefs need another return specialist). I like his upside to actually start by year  two in the NFL, and this is the perfect offense for him to develop as a big play receiver. Chiefs fans will love this pick.

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