Report: Lockout gets lifted


As expected this afternoon Judge Nelson issued a ruling on the lockout and Judge Nelson issued in favor of the players temporarily lifting the lockout. The league is expected to file an immediate stay of the implementation of the decision.

If the stay is not granted then the lockout wouldn’t be lifted until the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit issues a ruling in the case after here arguments from the league. Which the players would like to see a quick ruling on the appeal in order to move forward with the next stages of the game. No pun intended.

The stay will be heard by Judge Nelson first and if she refuses to grant the stay, the NFL surely would seek a stay from the appeals court. If neither court grants the stay and the ruling is upheld the season most likely will be played under the same rules as last year regarding free agancy and the salary cap and will be played as scheduled. If rules are changed for the upcoming season by the league then the players could very possibly file antitrust violations against the league.

Now Judge Nelson could of very well issued important exceptions and details in her written ruling that may help both the league and NFLPA* governor the system for the upcoming season. More on that as it is released but for now the draft can actually matter to those who had all but washed their hands of the NFL draft and upcoming season.

Update: The NFL has filed an appeal and asks Judge Nelson to freeze her ruling until appeals process is complete. The NFL has urged teams not to open weight rooms or begin contract negotiations. ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio is reporting as of 9 o’clock EST Steelers Ryan Clark and Charlie Batch have been allowed entry at team facility. No players have arrived at the Eagles, Jets, Giants or Ravens team facilities.
We will keep you updated as more news concerning the lockout develops.