Miami Dolphins Team Mock Draft


When I do team mock drafts I like to use different sources to create a “round value” that’s not based on my own bias. For this Dolphins mock draft I’ll use’s position rankings, which predicts which round a player will be available in.

I’m not entirely sure what to do with the Dolphins being that I think they have decent talent, but are really a QB away from being something pretty good. Obviously, RB could be an issue, but the potential free agent class of running backs is pretty good so I don’t think they have to address that in the first two days of the draft.

1st Round pick 15-Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

 Mallett has a huge arm and while he’s not mobile either are Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and either was Dan Marino. Mallett, Cam Newton, and Colin Kaepernick to me have the greatest upsides in this draft even if they are not without flaws. To me, the fact that Ryan Mallett has smoked weed before is of little consequence. Would you prefer your QB didn’t “have consumption issues” sure. But does it mean he can’t be a good N.F.L. player? Of course not. The Dolphins want someone who’s not afraid to throw the ball around and make some plays and that is Mallett. And at 15, Mallett as the upside you like.

Without a second round pick it’s silly to me, to take Ingram (and I love Ingram personally) so I think they should pass. I’m also not a fan of Mike Pouncey and think he’s a serious reach at 15. To me, it’s Mallett , Gabe Carimi, or a pass rusher like Aldon Smith if available that’s too good to pass up for the Dolphins.

3rd Round pick 79-John Moffit, G, Wisconsin

 There’s a reason a player like Richie Incgonito is a stop-gap for many teams. The Dolphins drafted Jon Jerry last year, but teams can never have too many quality offensive linemen, either as depth or at starter. Moffit is getting looks at both guard and center and is good value in the third round. The Dolphins probably need an OT to replace the aging Vernon Carey sooner, more, but based on what I think will be left on the board in the third round I’d probably pass on offensive tackles. While I think the top of the OT class is underrated, I don’t love the late round depth at Offensive tackle except for a few players, but those players seem to be shooting up draft boards (for instance Jah Reid, a long time favorite of mine is considered a late 2nd round player now).

4th Round pick 111-Delone Carter, RB, Syracuse

 While I think the Dolphins should address the running back need in free agency because there are going to be some good backs available, Delone Carter would make some sense in the fourth round. Carter is squatt, muscular back with decent speed and all aroudn ability. Carter is reminiscent of Thomas Jones with Hulk-A-mania arms and a physical running style. Carter could be a work-horse back the Dolphins need. Even though they are looking to add speed to the offense, Carter would still be a good pick in the 4th round.

5th round pick 146-Ronald Johnson, WR,  USC

The Dolphins need to add speed to their offense, and it’s been a priority that has been stated by the front office. Ronald Johnson is 5’11 and runs a 4.45 40 yard dash and has good game speed to get behind the defense. At this point too, he’s pretty good value and has good upside. He might not be a pre-ready receiver who will come in and contribute immediately, but he will give the Dolphins an WR who can stretch the field and has good potential for a fifth round pick. The thing that you don’t love about Johnson was he wasn’t overly productive in college.

6th round 179-Akeem Dent, LB Georgia

This is Rick Gosselin’s #1 ILB prospect. The Dolphins inside linebackers were terrible last year and they must find someone who can make his way to the ball carrier.

7th Round 217-Deunta Williams, S, North Carolina

This was a surprise to see Williams rated so low, but I’ve been hearing the whole pre-draft process that no Safety is going to be drafted until at least the third round and that no one likes the safety calss at all. There’s always a player or two who falls in the draft much further than people expect, maybe this year it will be Williams. If Williams is available in the 7th round the Dolphins should add him to the roster as a best player available pick.

7th Round 218-Zach Pinialto, TE, North Carolina

Fasano is an ok tight end, but nothing spectacular. In the 7th round in the draft teams are just looking for players who can end up stay on rosters. Pinialto has enough talent to be that kind of player. Pinialto’s problem has struggled with injuries the past two seasons. If healthy, Pinialto has the kind of all around ability to develop into a future starter.

7th Round: comp 235-Christian Anthony, OLB, Grambling State

Another player that has some medical concerns (apparent heart-attack), but has high upside and a chance of sticking to an NFL roster eventually.  At the 235th pick in this draft class, and not a  class that is exceptional in any means it’s worth the risk.

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