Interview With Walterfootball


Walter Cherepinsky is like the founding father of internet football sites and one of the most liked sites on the web. He took some time to answer some questions I asked him about the upcoming draft.

1). How’d the site get started?
–> I started the site as a high school project for my Internet class during my senior year in fall 1999. I actually have a link on my site about this –

2). Do you have a favorite team?
–> I don’t have a favorite team. I decided a long time ago that running the site would require me to be unbiased. Plus, I don’t really have the crazy emotions to root for people I don’t know personally. The last time I really rooted for a team was for Penn State back in 2005 because I knew some of the players from either classes or my column gig at the Centre Daily Times.

3). What are your thoughts on Cam Newton?
–> Vince Young 2.0. Cam Newton is incredibly gifted, but I don’t think he has the mental capacity to ever master an NFL offense and win a Super Bowl. He’ll be good, but never great.

4). What’s your draft philosophy? Are RB worth the pick in the first round?
–> My draft philosophy is taking the best player available at a position of any sort of need, with extra emphasis on positional value. I would probably never spend a first-round pick on a running back unless I was convinced I was getting an Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson.

5). Who are some of the general mangers you don’t question even if they make a pick you didn’t think you’d like before the draft?
–> There are quite a few. I’d say Ted Thompson, Ozzie Newsome, Bill Polian and Jerry Reese are some of them.

6). Who are some of the most overrated prospects in this draft?
–> I think most of the quarterbacks are overrated. Back in January, when Andrew Luck announced he was staying in school, everyone was saying that this was the weakest quarterback class in a long time. Now, people are speculating that there could be 6 quarterbacks taken in the first round. I understand that so many teams need quarterbacks, but it still boggles my mind.

7). What about some of the underrated prospects?
–> It’s really hard for me to say who’s underrated. There are so many talking heads out there, whether it’s ESPN, NFL Network or the Internet. Every single player is liked by quite a few people, so I’m not even sure whom I could classify as underrated at this point.

 8). What are your thoughts on Florida’s Mike Pouncey?

–> I think Mike Mayock said it best – plug and play. Mike Pouncey is probably a guard only, but he still projects as a really good lineman.

9). Do you think the lack of a free ageny happening before the draft will effect how teams approach the draft…will we see a lot more reaching in this draft than we’re accustomed to?
–> I think so. Teams will be focused more on filling needs, but I wouldn’t expect a dramatic change. It’ll be slightly different though.

10). Who is this year’s Tyson Alualu?

–> That’s an impossible question, because if I gave you this year’s Tyson Alualu, then he wouldn’t be a Tyson Alualu because the Alualu pick came out of nowhere. But if I had to go out on a limb, an Alualu pick this year might be Johnny Patrick. I say Patrick for two reasons. First, after Jimmy Smith, there’s not much at the cornerback position, so some team may sell itself on Patrick. And second, Patrick has met with so many teams this draft season that there has to be something going on there.

11). Everyone talks about future busts, but who are some players you think might be the closet things to “bust-proof in the first round”

–> I would be shocked if Patrick Peterson and A.J. Green busted. I can’t see them failing.

12). What are the best and worst positions in this draft?
–> The best would have to be defensive end and defensive tackle. It’s loaded there. The worst would have to be 4-3 outside linebacker, thanks to Bruce Carter’s injury and Travis Lewis’ decision to go back to school.

13). You’re going to be stuck on an island talking draft with Todd McShay or Mel Kiper…who do you choose and why?
–> This may surprise you, but I’m going with Todd McShay. McShay has plenty of experience bathing in the sun, so he would undoubtedly bring sun block with him. I hate getting sun burn

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