St. Louis Rams: Team Mock Draft. Bowers at 14?


In order to do mock drafts I choose a mock draft or big board to use to create a value that’s not based on my own bias. For this mock draft I chose to you walterfootball’s 7 Round mock draft. Every player that was available from the Rams pick in one round to the Rams pick in the next round was available for the taken.

My first Rams Mock.

In Sum:

Cam Jordan


Terrance Toliver

Marcus Gilchrist

Da’Rel Scott

DeAndre Brown

Mark Herzlich

Here’s what I would do if I were running the Rams based on how the mock unfolded for Walter.

14th Overall-Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

This pick wasn’t that tough for me because I don’t believe that Da’Quan Bowers knee is as bad as being reported. But then again I don’t have the medical information so I could be completely wrong about that. Even though I have not personally interviewed Bowers, I’ve read a lot of interviews with him and I’m convinced that the biggest reason Bowers became Bowers this past season was through a a rededication to football due to personal loses in his life. Maximizing your talent because you’re about to get paid makes me nervous. But dedicating your game because your father dies is a little more convincing to me. The talent has always been there. He’s easily the best player available here and it wasn’t that hard of a choice even with, Corey Liuget (a very nice 2nd round prospect to me), Cameron Jordan, and J.J. Watt on the board because Bowers is the superior prospect as a 43 Defensive end.  Now, if his knees are really that bad, it changes things.;

47th Overall-Danny Watkins, G, Baylor

I think this was the hardest pick for me. I remember when I interviewed with 3k from turfshowtimes he communicated to me that the WR need wasn’t as great as people make it out to be and from communicating with Walter Cherepinsky (interview coming out tomorrow) he mentioned he didn’t think that WR would be a huge need either with Josh McDaniels, which might be possible.

Lastly, knowing that Watkins is the best interior linemen in this draft which is short on interior linemen, but there would be good WR later because it’s a deeper position in this draft, I chose to forego some of the talented WR here in favor of Watkins. This one hurt a bit though.

78th Overall-Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami

And there we are, a talented WR falling down in the draft. Hankerson after the senior bowl was a player that people that could sneak into the first round. But Rick Gosselin’s position rankings say that Hankerson is the #10 WR from a consensus of the personnel people he has spoken to, which means maybe he falls a bit. At 6’2 210 pounds and a 4.40 yard dash and good production (1156 yards receiving and 13 touchdowns), I can’t pass on him here.

112th Overall- K.j. Wright, OLB, Mississippi State

Another hard pick as I think at this point Jordan Todman was available. But again I’m going to go with positional value over pure value. There are plenty of running backs to be had in this draft that could help spell Steven Jackson. I’m going to assume one of them is bound to fall later into the draft and take one of the few remaining viable OLB for a 43. There are very few good 43 linebackers in this draft, if any really good ones. The best one, Bruce Carter’s availability to play is questionable.

K.J. Wright can instantly upgrade the talent at the SLB spot for the Rams and is  good value here at this point in the draft.

145th Overall- Kendric Bruney, CB, North Carolina

This is a pick that is based on my own big board than it is on some others. Being short and slow is a deadly combination for a cornerback, but his ball hawking and instincts are fantastic. With an aggressive defense that gives their cornerbacks opportunities to make plays Bruney could be an excellent fit. He’s just a good football player and ball hawking cornerback. He has the same kind of natural instincts and ability to jump passes as Asante Samuel, though Samuel has better measurables. Bruney is worth the 145th pick in the draft because he plays faster than he runs in shorts.

216th Overall-Ollie Ogbu, DT, Penn State

Reminiscent to some of former NY Giants Jay Alford. Ogbu can add youth and depth to the defensive line that is aging. Fred Robbins is a good player, but he is getting old. In the 7th round teams are often looking for players who can make rosters and Ogbu has that kind of ability. Plus like I said he could remind Spags of Jay Alford who looked to have a bright future with the Giants until he suffered an injury and wasn’t the same player anymore.

228th Overall-Bilal Powell, RB, Lousiville

And there we have it. The great running back value I was expecting to be available at some point in this draft. Powell has good speed and compares to Fred Jackson by the scouting report from our sister site Powell can also catch passes out of the backfield and stings the loss a little bit the Rams could feel for passing on Todman earlier.

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