Prospects I Hope Are in My Easter Basket Come Draft Day


In the spirit of Easter I thought I would highlight some of what I feel are the undervalued players in this draft. Players I would love to find in my Easter basket of my favorite team.

1st Round Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram-Ingram is a player I feel is seriously undervalued by many. I know he lacks elite speed and teams have to weigh it amongst themselves whether or not they can take a running back in the first round. But I think he’s almost bust-proof. He has an excellent second gear and great vision. Can pick up tough yardage, is useful in the passing game and seems like a quality individual off the field. I would gladly take Mark Ingram in my Easter basket.

2nd Round

Brandon Harris, CB, University of Miami

I’ve professed my life for Brandon Harris for quite awhile now, but I think he’s a top 20 player in this draft and I’m willing to over look his inconsistency because of his confidence, swagger, and passion on the football field. That’s not even to mention is excellent game speed, fluid hips, and coverage ability. Sure, you wish he turned a lot more of those passes defensed into interceptions, but that could come with some more practice and time. He’s a player I would send our team rep on a sprint up to the podium at any point in round two.

Round 3

Kelvin Sheppard, LB, LSU

Like Brandon Harris another guy who is just a very good player who isn’t appreciated enough. I think he’ll be a player that doesn’t excite people if drafted in the third round, but he should. Sheppard is a leader on the football field and contributes in every game he plays in, which can not be said for everyone. He recorded at least seven tackles in every game he played this season, he’s durable, a vocal leader or a glue guy. He’s just the kind of player that championship teams are built with.

Round 4

Greg Salas, WR, Hawaii

A player that Sayre absolutely loves. Salas was very, very productive at Hawaii. He’s tough, competitive, was a team captain, productive, smart, and reliable kind of player. He’s not a diva WR. He only ran a 4.53 40 yard dash, but that’s not a huge issues because he excels at running with the ball after the catch. I think Salas has a shot to be drafted in the third round, but if not he’s a great find in the fourth round.

Round 5

OL Jah Reid and OL David Mims 

In full disclosure I think both players have an excellent chance of ending up higher in the draft than here because even though they are criminally under-covered by the media (I”ve been trying to do my fair share for Reid, but not enough for Mims). They both have excellent potential on the offensive line in the National Football League. These are two players in particular, if they lasted this long in the draft I think a team will find themselves long-term eventual starters in the league.

6th Round

CB Richard Sherman, Stanford

Sherman is a former college WR at Stanford who’s made the transition to DB. He’s shown to be an instinctive player, with good size and pretty good speed. He also competes for the football and has excellent hands for a defensive back. He’s a player that can come in and play some special teams to start his N.F.L. career while he continues to learn the intricacies of the position. One of the best potential starters at a position that’s not running back or WR in the late part of the draft.

7th Round

Zach Pinialto, Te, North Carolina

Pinialto’s problem is not ability it is health. A good sized Tight end who has the ability to be a decent blocker at the N.F.L. and a good receiver from the tight end position. Pinialto is one of my favorite late round prospects, and one of very few tight ends I would want to draft at any point in this draft. He would be a great addition to a team looking for a reliable second TE receiving option who is not a liability as a blocker. His injury history is bothersome, but if he stays healthy he’ll be a quality reserve and could eventual compete for a starting TE spot.

There’s my list of one player per round who I would love to find in my “Easter Basket” come draft day.

Who are yours?

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