Cincinnati Bengals Mock Draft


I like to use different sites to create a “player remaining board” for the mock drafts that does not include my own bias. For this take on the Bengals I’m going to use Draftteks Random mock draft. I can take any player in a round after the Bengals pick, but not before the Bengals pick.

1st round pick 4: A.J. Green

(Off the board already: Newton, Dareus, Fairley)

I would like to consider Da’Quan Bowers here or Nick Fairley, Fairley is off the board and Bowers may or may not (I’m believing more towards not) have a serious knee condition. Still, Carson Palmer is very upset with the Bengals and is threatening that he’ll never play again for them, but maybe a new young toy who has to listen to Palmer will change his mind. A.J. Green is one of the top players available in the board other than maybe Patrick Peteerson or Von Miller and makes the most sense for the Bengals.

2nd Round pick 35: Mike Pouncey, G, Florida

There are a lot of players I like available based on drafttek’s random scenario. Phil Taylor could help the Bengals get back to their form two years ago when they were great against the run, but they already have  pretty good defensive tackles.  Adrian Clayborn would give the Bengals one of the youngest and deepest defensive lines in the league and Rahim Moore would give them a ball hawking safety, but 35 might be too early for the Bengals. Instead they add talent to their guard position and depth to the center position. To me, the biggest reason the Bengals went from a top team two years ago to the team last year is they struggled running the football last year. Troubles running the football almost are always attributed to the offensive line, though they also could use more RB talent. I think ideally the Bengals would love it if a player like Gabe Carimi could fall to them at this spot, but the best OT left in the second round on drafttek’s mock is Marcus Cannon so I went with what many consider a better value with Pouncey.

3rd Round pick 68: Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa

(Bruce Carter and Mikel LeShoure alternate pick because I don’t think LeShoure will be available here, Carter either, but maybe)

Mikel LeShoure is the best player available here and would be perfect for the Bengals to play with the rough and tough A.F.C. north. I don’t think LeShoure will actually be available in the draft, but before I started I said I was going to take players based off of drattek’s computer simulated mock draft so LeShoure it is.

Bruce Carter would be a nice pick because it gives Rey Maluaga one more year to show he’s worthy of being the starting OLB while Carter gets fully healed.  Carter has great upside and would be good value if available at the beginning of round three.

With that being said Stanzi is added here as insurance incase Palmer doesn’t resign. If you believe in the 26-27-60 rule Stanzi is a good pick.

If an NFL prospect scores at least a 26 on the Wonderlic test, starts at least 27 games in his college career and completes at least 60 percent of his passes, there’s a good chance he will succeed at the NFL level.

Quarterbacks who passed all three aspects of the formula include Peyton Manning, Phillips Rivers, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Matt Schaub, Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb, Matt Ryan, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matthew Stafford

If you take away the four passes Stanzi threw as a freshman (all incompletions) Stanzi also passes the rule. Stanzi is fine value here at the third round and based what was left on the board in the second round I didn’t want to grab a QB in round two.

4th Round pick 101: Deunta Williams, S, North Carolina

I actually do think it’s possible that Deunta Williams is available at this juncture. There has been al ot of talk, and not just near the draft, since February that no safety will come off the board until the third round. Williams is pretty good value here at this point in the draft.

5th Round pick 134: Randall Cobb, WR/KR Kentucky

The value is simply too good here to pass up at in the 5th round. Cobb is an all purpose running back and would add some more dynamic ability to the Bengals offense.

6th Round pick 167: Brandon Hogan, CB, West Virginia

Good athlete with high upside at a position that could always use depth. Hogan has some character concerns but that’s ok for the Bengals in the 6th round (and many other teams as well). I don’t think the Bengals will let Jonathan Joseph go, but they could and they need to find some more talent at the CB position. On top of that every team could always use more talent at the cornerback position.

7th Round pick 207: Terrell McClain, DT, USF

Another value too good to pass up. McClain’s not huge, but he can rush the passer from the defensive tackle spot and has a chance at sticking on an N.F.L. roster for the long term, which is what you’re looking for in a 7th round pick.

7th Round pick 246: Alex Henery, K, Nebraska

I don’t know anything about the Bengals kicker who ended the season with them, but I do know Henery is the best kicker in this draft and will be gone before that spot, so if he’s not the Bengals should snatch him up here in the 7th round.

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Bengals fans how would you do your draft based on drafttek’s simulation?