Open Letter to the NFL Fans from the NFLPA Regarding the Lockout


I, like many of you I’m sure, received this letter this morning because of my participation in trying to stop the lockout by signing a petition. As blindly optimistic as that may have been, the NFLPA is offering the fans another opportunity, this time to “lift” the lockout. Here is the following letter I received, and if you did not, feel free to read on…

Dear NFL Fan:

The players of the National Football League want to thank you for your support during the lockout. The NFL lockout not only impacts players, but it also affects you and thousands of people that rely on the game. We also want to thank you for doing your part as a fan and signing our “Block the Lockout” Petition.

Last week, the NFL made a big splash, releasing the 2011 Preseason Schedule for a season that is not guaranteed.  The Hall of Fame game, the marquee event to start the NFL preseason, is around the corner. However, when the NFL and its owners imposed a lockout on March 12, 2011, they put the future of America’s game in serious jeopardy.

While the NFL continues to fight in court to keep the lockout in place, we want to make you aware of a few updates including a shift to petition the NFL to “Lift the Lockout.” Our message is clear and simple: we are locked out and want to play. If you want to help us get back on the field, here’s how you can help:

  • Tell EVERYONE you can about and ask them to sign the Petition to “Lift the Lockout.” The petition letter to “Lift the Lockout” is here.
  • Share our Facebook page with your network
  • Ask your tweeps to: follow @NFLLockout and sign the Petition to “Lift the Lockout”
  • For more info on player and lockout news check out the NFLPA on Facebook & Twitter

Thanks so much for your support and for encouraging the NFL and its owners to “Lift the Lockout.”


Players of the National Football League