I found this in the saved draft folders from my interview with Brandyn Thompson. After t..."/> I found this in the saved draft folders from my interview with Brandyn Thompson. After t..."/>

Brandyn Thompson Interview Transcript


I found this in the saved draft folders from my interview with Brandyn Thompson. After the interview I wrote up a Brandyn Thompson story, but this is the entire interview transcript. And be on the lookout for our Jerrell Powe interview coming out this week.

Thank you for joining us today.

How was your flight?

Not too bad man. Quick and easy man just the way I like it.

Was there any story behind the unique spelling of your name?

(slight chuckle) Not really, my mom just wanted me to be a little different I Guess, she put a Y in my name and I kind of like it personally. A lot of people named Brandon but not too many people named Brandon with a Y.

Did you have a favorite team growing up?

My whole family was pretty much Raiders fans growing You know when I was a young kid I kind of wanted to be a little different, I guess. back then the Chargers were all right when I was really young so I was a Chargers fan growing up.

Good team if you wind up going there.

Oh yeah. Any team (laughs). I’m not too picky or anything like that. I’ve always joked that I have to retire as a fan now. So I’m no longer a fan.



You played with some tremendous players at Boise State. Who’s the best player you played with?

Ooh Tough question. Best player I played with.  I don’t know. If I have to pick one, I’d probably go with Kellen. You know he’s still here, but I would probably go with Kellen. I think his accolades, his accomplishments speak for themselves.

What’s the scouting report on you?

The scouting report on me?

Yeah, if you had to give yourself one?

I guess…I’m a smaller corner, smaller quicker corner that made a lot of plays in college. And hopefully can continue to play any scheme at the next level. Other than that I just want to go out there and play some football.



What are your hobbies away from the football field?

You know not much I kind of just sleep and play video games a lot of people joke with me and call me grandpa. I don’t too much away from football I just try to recover and you know relax a little bit.


What’s the craziest question you’ve been asked in the pre-draft process?

Craziest Question? Probably what crazy thing I’m doing while I”m working out. Somebody asked me if I Pull a rope wiht my teeth and a mac truck behind it (laughs). And just crazy workout questions like that.

What’s your recruiting pitch for players to come to Boise State?`

A big reason I went there is when I came actually to Boise I met all the coaches. They showed me everything I met peole around the town. I really felt like it was a good fit. There’s a lot of good people there. A big thing for me is to surround myself with good people. I feel that good people rub off on you the place is just really special.

It seems that you guys are really cohesive. I mean I can’t really get the true feel watching on TV, but it seems it.

There’s a big family environment out here. I know every program talks about that, about being a family and having a family environment, but I really feel like our family out here is a little different. It’s special.

With the CBA mess, what would you do if there was a lockout and you couldn’t play football ever again?

If I could not play football…For me, I think I would have to be involved in sports one way or another. Whether that be coaching or scouting or something like that. I’m not really sure what avenue I would take I just know that I would have to be involved working with sports somewhere.


What do you think, or what have you heard will be the biggest adjustment to the N.F.L.

I think it’s a lot of things. A bunch of things that every player has to adjust to. Obviously the speed, the knowledge of the game. Learning the playbook. I think there’s a big adjustment because there’s a lot to learn.

What is your most memorable game?

Are we talking college or in my life?


In your life would be great.

One thing that always sticks out to me is I lost my pop-warner championship when I was 9 and 10. Whenever I hear what are my most memorable games those are the two games that I always think of

They say that the losses stick out the most.

Yup. Definitely.

One question I have to ask: What do the players at Boise State really feel about the BCS system?

(laughs). I guess we really feel that we don’t have too much control over it. So we try not to worry about it because in end there’s not too much we can do but go out there and try to win every play, win every game. That was always our biggest goal: to win every game we play and then you’re ultimately in control of your own destiny.