Ideal Team Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills


I’m not a Bills fan, but my wife is and I do live in Rochester, NY so I watch every Bills game. And I’m  going to give the Bills a blueprint to finally make it back to the playoffs, soon!

I wrote one mock draft for the Bills on February 15th, but since then a lot has changed so here’s the second edition of the Buffalo Bills mock draft.

I’m going to use CBS Big Board to create a round value. To, me the Bills can not win a Super Bowl with Ryan Fitzpatrick, but they don’t need to, what they need to do is make the playoffs. Let’s start there with the Bills. Let’s end this very long draught.

In order to do that the Bills are going to have to be able to improve their defense, they have some nice young talent on offense, but the defense leads a lot to be desired.

When I did this for the Giants I also included Free Agency, but the Bills aren’t likely to go out and spend big in Free Agency in most cases, and I was also hoping that the end of the CBA mess was in nearing, but it apparently is not. So I’m just going to stick with the draft part of it now. Maybe I’ll add free agency when a new CBA is agreed upon by the NFLPA* and the Owners. I’m also going to assume that most of the QB are off the board by the beginning of the second round.

1st Round pick #3-Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

There are four most talked about picks here. QB (Newton/Gabbert), Dareus, Peterson, and Miller. I love Von Miller’s explosive first step and he could finally be the pass rusher the Bills desperately need and he could be the pick, but based on this draft there will be a good pass rusher available at the top of the second round. On top of that, one of the Bills biggest weakness is stopping the run, and Von Miller isn’t the greatest run stopper and a huge part of the Bills porous defense is run stopping. Another problem the Bills have had is getting first round draft picks who contribute regularly. Patrick Peterson is our #1 rated prospect and can play at CB or Safety and also has excellent punt return ability. I think, Miller or Peterson are good picks for the Bills.

2nd Round pick #34 overall-Jabaal Sheard, OLB, Pittsburgh

Sheard is bigger than Von Miller and not as explosive, but he has more versatility as a guy who can play 43 defensive end and 34 rush outside linebacker if the Bills continue to mix in 43 looks. On top of that, Sheard at 265 pounds  can be a player who can get after the passer and also pursue the run. He’s a relentless player with great intensity and Bills fans will appreciate his non-stop motor, which will help out the run game. I think the Bills like Brooks Reed more, but he doesn’t have the versatility or run stopping ability Sheard as and the Bills must learn to stop the run if they are going to win consistently. He also has a better chance than Sheard of being drafted late in round one before the Bills pick again.

I think ideally Akeem Ayers would be available here at this point, but I do not believe he will make it out of the first round. Ayers can rush the passer, play the run, and is excellent for a linebacker in coverage and because he’s played so much coverage at UCLA he won’t have to adjust to that part of the game like most DE converting to 34. Ayers also has the size to put his hand on the ground and rush the passer as a 43 defensive end.

3rd Round pick #68th overall Luke Stocker, TE, Tennessee

The Bills might have the worst tight end situation in the league. Stocker is not a dynamic pass catching athlete, but if he’s available here in the third round it’s pretty good value. Stocker, at the senior bowl, was garnering some attention and was being compared often to Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten. I don’t see that comparison. But Stocker has good catching ability and is also a good enough blocker.

4th Round pick #100th overall Marcus Gilbert, Florida, Florida

Marcus Gilbert is one of the few tackles who could be available in the 4th round that has the potential to start at tackle. Gilbert has good size and good athleticism for a man his size. Demetrius Bell has to show the Bills he can be a good starting LT in the league, which he hasn’t shown enough of yet. The Bills need to continue to add talent along the offensive line until they have  a good offensive line, which they do not have now.

4th Round pick #122nd overall Kelvin Sheppard, LB, LSU

Sheppard is a perfect fit for the Bills. The Bills need a tough middle linebacker to play with great intensity. Sheppard is a defensive leader and a solid all around player. Sheppard and Poz (if resigned) could with the addition of Sheard/Miller/Ayers could finally give the Bills enough linebackers to consistently stop the run.

5th Round pick #133rd overall Sione Fua, DL, Stanford

I’m not in the Defensive line must be added early in the draft camp. I think the Bills need to see if Troupe and Carrington can contribute. They were drafted on day two last year, so the Bills must still believe in the players. Still at this point in the draft if  a player like Sione Fua is available he could be a nice addition to the Bills defensive line depth, which they do need. But with Dwan Edwards, Kyle Williams, and Carrington/Troupe the Bills should have enough players who have the ability to start in the 34 this year.

6th Round, Pick #169th overall Brandon Fusco, C, Slippery Rock

Fusco is from a school no one has ever heard of: Slippery Rock, but he’s one of the few draftable centers in this class. There are not many good centers in this class. The Bills have Eric Wood, who has battled a lot of injuries and who they have been playing at guard and Geoffery Hantgarner, but they could use more depth. The Bills must continue to add talent along the offensive lines and defensive front 7.

7th Round 206th overall Jeff Mahel, WR, Oregon

Not flash in any respect and the Bills have some respectable talent at the Wide receiver position. However, most 7th round picks don’t make the roster and Mahel has a chance to do something in the NFL which makes him worthy of a pick here in the 7th round.

7th Round 245th overall Will Hill, S, Florida

Talented, but some concerns about his character and his overall physical talent after a poor pre-draft workouts. The Bills have Whitner, but and Jarius Byrd, but Whitner might not remain with the team forever. And Hill was good on the football field in Florida and worth a shot here in the 7th round.

To me this draft would address value with every pick and also add much needed talent to the Bills defense. I”m sure there are plenty of disagreements out there so  let me know what you’re ideal Bills mock draft looks like, Bills fans.

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