NBA Playoffs 2011: Who Would You Take on Your NFL Team?


In honor of the 2011 NBA playoffs (which are WAY better than March Madness, in my opinion), I thought it would be fun to take a look at what players would make the best NFL stars, so we’re putting the whole NBA into a draft pool and projecting a top five.

Who would you take?

We all know that professional basketball players, football players, etc., are all great athletes, not just specific to one sport. We’ve seen Tom Zbikowski go off and be a professional boxer, we’ve seen Larry Fitzgerald and Tim Tebow take batting practice with major league baseball teams, and we’ve seen guys like Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez make the transition from basketball to football.

Now, we’re combining the best of the best–the NBA and the NFL–for a one time only selection process, and a top five that will blow your mind!

1. Carolina Panthers: LeBron James, Wide Receiver, Miami Heat

At 6’8″ 275 pounds, LeBron James is the most physically imposing wide receiver prospect to come along since Calvin Johnson. We all know about James’ prowess in football back in high school, and with the NBA moving to a lockout of its own, James will take his talents north to Carolina and be the top pick of the Panthers.

The Panthers’ receiver group is dreadful, and James would automatically become one of the best players in the league. He will be unstoppable in the red zone, and will be the vertical threat that makes Jimmy Clausen look like an All-Pro.

2. Denver Broncos: Dwight Howard, Defensive Lineman, Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard is one of the biggest players in the NBA, and could control the line of scrimmage. His upper body strength is almost unmatched, and the Broncos go substance (Howard) over style (D. Rose) here with the second pick. Howard has the length and quickness to get around the edge and cause havoc for opposing teams.

What quarterback would be able to see over the top of him?

3. Buffalo Bills:  Derrick Rose, Quarterback, Chicago Bulls

Count this as the steal of the draft, here. Rose is the NBA’s MVP, and would bring a Mike Vick style of play to Buffalo, an even windier city than Chicago. Rose might turn the ball over at times, but he is a scoring machine and knows how to get his teammates involved. He also ran a sub 4.4 second 40 yard dash, and had incredible numbers in agility drills. At 6’3″ 200, he is a little thin but has potential to be the next great NFL quarterback.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: Dwyane Wade, Running Back, Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade is one of the strongest players in the draft, and is so tough between the tackles. He has the ability to finish, and is battle tested. He will be a great addition to the Cincinnati backfield, where Cedric Benson is a free agent and they are unsure whether or not Bernard Scott can handle a bigger work load.

Wade is as tough as they come, and could be the next “crazy legs” in the NFL, and Mark Jackson recently compared him to the great Barry Sanders.

5. Arizona Cardinals:  Blake Griffin, Tight End, Los Angeles Clippers

Blake Griffin might be the most athletic player in the draft outside of LeBron James, and he offers similar upside in the passing game. He has a bit of an injury history, but he is a freakish athlete with incredible strength and overall size. He will be unstoppable in the passing game, and also provides upside as a run blocker. Griffin has huge hands and has been no stranger to alley-oop style passes, and should be a Pro Bowl tight end in no time.

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