Scouting Report: Von Miller


Von Miller is often described as one of the “safest players in the draft” and a “dynamic pass rusher”. I decided to put out my own thoughts on Von Miller.

Linebacker Specific Traits:

Pass Rush

Von Miller is a very good pass rusher. Let’s talk specifics. Miller does a good job of stunts and timing his inside blitzes, and does well on delays. Miller has good use of his hands to keep linemen’s hands off of him, however bigger linemen get their hands on him he can be pushed out of the play. He also rushes himself out of some plays going too wide.  The thing that seperates Miller apart those is his tremendous first step. His first step is so fast he is often moving before the linemen are, even though the linemen have the snap count. His first step is as good as DeMarcus Ware who also gets moving so early it often seems like he’s jumping off-sides, but he’s not.He also plays with tremendous leverage.  He doesn’t have a heavy aresnal of pass rush moves because he plays with such great leverage and has such quick hands that he usually doesn’t have to use pass rush moves, does have a decent spin move though.


Miller isn’t huge, but he has  no problem disengaging from the TE in the open field once they get their hands on him. He fights  off blockers  get involved in the run game. He’s too quick for most offensive linemen to get a good shot at him in the open field. He’s aggressive on run plays and will shoot gaps to blow up plays. You can run at Miller, or get him shooting gaps and pitch it outside of him. He doesn’t shy away from the run game though he’llt take it to you so you have to take the linemen right at him and limit his space to get around them. He can also take the corner too far out and run himself out of some plays (run and pass).

Pass coverage

Miller has good awarness in pass coverage  and can follow the quarterbacks eyes, but he doesn’t get great depth in his coverage initally. He also doesn’t play the pass often (not asked to, and why would you?), so he could use more reps. But he does have the smooth hips, agility, and awarness to learn pass coverage. I should rephrase that a bit, he sees everything that is happening in front of him and will break instantly on swing passes and short passes, but is not as aware of players who are behind him.

Other Traits


Miller is a Bull. You show him what he needs to run at he’ll attack with a ferociousness and speed that’s unparalleded in this class, but you can do a little ole in there too and pull the Red Cape away (See how I get back to the bull). What I’m saying his hustle and passion can’t be questioned, but he doesn’t have elite instincts and can take himself out of plays charging too hard in one direction or another. Counters, misdirections can get him. Still he has the speed in pursuit to make up for some of his mistakes, and his instincts aren’t terrible, just not elite.


Extremly producitve. 17.5 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks this year. 16.5 sacks and 21.5 tackle for loss is ridiculous production.


Von Miller had a great combine. He weighed 246 pounds, which was bigger than people thought he would, and on top of that he still ran a 4.42 40 yard dash, which is excellent for a linebacker. 21 reps on the bench press, 37 inch vertical, 1.57 split and it’s easy to see why teams are intrigued with Von Miller. He has all the measurables you could want from a linebacker prospect.

Size: 6’3 246 pounds (said he’s now up to 251 pounds)

Scheme Versatility

A lot of people think Miller is a 34 OLB only, but I don’t agree with that. I think he has all the ability in the world to play in the 43, though that will take a little more time because he still has to refine his coverage abilities, but that’s more of practice. Miller is a hustle player and will make plays all over the field. His best fit is in a 34 rushing the passer because he has a Demarcus Ware type of first step

Final Word

There is an awful, awful lot to like about Von Miller. He has tremendous hustle, an elite first step, and was super-productive in college. He also is teachable, and willing to work, which is something you look for in a top prospect.

After spending the last week re-watching Von Miller I’m going to say I see why teams want him in the top five. He has some technical things to clean up, like hand usage, and improving his pass rush arsenals, but you can’t teach that first step. That’s the thing I kept thinking when I was watching him. Offensive linemen can’t put their hands on him. Linemen are whiffing at him as he’s running by them. He pressures the QB so fast, it’s ridiculous. He also is very hard to hit in the open field, he can be run at, but more often than not the only thing that stops Miller is him taking himself out of the play.

Player Comparison: DeMarcus Ware/Clay Matthews. I think both players might have had better football instincts entering the league and probably were better against the run, but Miller plays with the same tenacity and leaverage that they did in college and he has that kind of pass rush potential.  It’s really the first step I’m keying on because that’s what will make Miller his money in the league.

And even though DeMarcus Ware is heavier NOW (265 compared to 251 when he was entering the draft). He was right about the same weight as Miller is when he was entering the league, and if Miller can add weight without losing much on his first step, he has very good potential as a pass rusher and all around player.

Evlis Dumervil is another decent comparison.

Thinking more on it Cameron Wake, might be a very good comparison. Whatever comparison you want to take from Miller take this:

He moves so fast off the line it looks like the other players are in slow motion.

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