Draft News and Notes: Ryan Mallett Not to be Considered by Dolphins at 15


Another day of draft News and Notes. Only now take everything you read with a grain of salt, the futher away from draft you’ve heard information the more likely it is true. Misdirection is rampant now from other teams, but I don’t get some of it. Like misinformation about medical evaluations and things. I often wonder if teams are trying to make the public weary of players (for instanct Da’Quan Bowers) so that G.M. will feel the pressure of taking said player because they think the fan base will be angry. They all have their own doctors.

Speaking of Bowers everyone is reporting that Bower’s knee is career threatening and one scout told PFT (I think), “Bowers won’t make it through his rookie contract”. I’m not buying it and finally someone as finally said Bowers knee looks fine. I’m not buying all the negative talk about Bowers knee and he’s still going in the top 10, maybe 13.  Right now, My guess is Cleveland, Titans, Vikings, or Lions. I still think his best fit is a 4-3. The Titans have said they want bigger linemen and Bowers has good size and Cleveland will have to choose between Julio Jones, Quinn, and Bowers, I think.

Ryan Mallett may have  “Consumption issues” , and the Dolphins will not consider in the first round.

It seems as though Harbaugh still plans on moving foward with Alex Smith. This was reported earlier in the draft process as well. This might be true. Harbaugh might be thinking to himself, “I’m great with quarterbacks and Alex Smith is very smart and talented…I’ll make him succeeed”. Most coaches who become NFL coaches have tremendous faith in their abilities and a big ego so I could see it being true.

The Eagles are showing a lot of interest in Temple Safety Jaiqwan Jarrett. One of my favorite safety prospects, in this weak safety class.

Mark Ingram might have degenrative arthritis in his knee and has been taken off two rb needy teams draft boards. I hope not. I like Ingram as a prospect, but he might be the hardest player to pinpoint in the first round of the draft, because I don’t think and have not thought that Ingram will go to the Dolphins. The Dolphins want to add speed, that’s not Ingram’s strong suit. And they also don’t have a 2nd round pick. It’s hard to take a RB in round 1, if you don’t have any picks in round two. My guess is Mallett, Pouncey/OL or move down.

Marcus Cannon might have cancer.(testicular) Just another  reminder that there are always things more important than football and the draft around this time.

The Titans, Redskins, Bears, and Redskins are the likeliest teams to make a trade with their first round pick. I don’t take much stock in reports of teams wanting to trade down. Want team doesn’t want to trade down three or four spots and grab extra picks? Wake me when we know of someone who wants to trade up.

I’ll be on 1280 WHAM Rochester, NY talking the draft relating to the Buffalo Bills next Monday.

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