Since Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989, Jerry hasn't been shy about wheeling a..."/> Since Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989, Jerry hasn't been shy about wheeling a..."/>

Dallas Cowboys Draft Day One Perfect Scenario


Since Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989, Jerry hasn’t been shy about wheeling and dealing in the NFL draft. He could be considered a draft day mover and shaker without a doubt. Since owning the team Jerry has made thirteen first round trades. Jerry Jones can never be accused of not being passionate and aggressive when it comes to making the Dallas Cowboys a better team.

As he has doubled in his duties as owner and General Manager he hasn’t always came out on the best end of the draft day deals but this hasn’t detered him from trying. Recently, at the NFL owners meetings when asked about the teams ninth overall pick Jerry stated, “I’ve already had the opportunity to discuss and been approached by two separate clubs,” he said. “It certainly enhances the value of that ninth pick because not only are we going to have a player that I think will make a difference for us now, we really have the opportunity to move down and are going to have that opportunity.”

We all know Jerry likes to make a splash and could very well be putting up a smokescreen so that he could trade up as he did last year in order to draft wide receiver Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State University. Now regardless of Jerry’s willingness to shuffle picks around in an attempt to improve the team don’t expect Jerry to be trading up into the the top five picks. I came across this little tidbit of information from the kind people over at profootballtalk that discusses why it isn’t likely the Cowboys or any other teams will be trading into the top five spots of this years NFL draft.

Many draft analysts have Dallas taking either defensive back Prince Amukamara from Nebraska or offensive tackle Tyron Smith with the ninth overall pick in this years draft. Now this is where it gets interesting, assuming  Jerry is being truthful when he says teams have inquired into trading up for the ninth pick. The perfect scenario for the Cowboys would be to trade down three spots with a team like Minnesota or five spots with St. Louis who have been linked to rumors of trading up in the draft so that they can grab one of the top two wide receivers in this years draft. From there, Dallas then may be able to trade down again or simply trade down to New England’s seventeenth spot in the first. New England might be very interested in moving up since they have two first round picks in this years draft. The Cowboys may lose out on top talent Amukamara and Smith, but all indications are that Smith is somewhat raw with major upside but may not be the type of player who is capable of starting right away.

After number one rated Patrick Peterson of LSU defensive backs are  deep in this draft, and there isn’t a large gap in both the talent level and skill sets between the defensive backs. Losing out on Amukamara in the draft wouldn’t be as detrimental to the overall longevity of the team as passing up on a solid offensive lineman would be and there will still be some very solid O-linemen available after Tyron Smith is gone by the mid-round or even into the bottom third of the first round. So while trading down and still drafting someone like Gabe Carimi,  Mike Pouncey or Nate Solder would serve the purpose of shoring up an aging offensive line it would also provide an opportunity to grab another of the top 100 players in this years draft by picking up a second third round pick. It’s quite simple, Jerry needs to trade back completing the “Dallas Cowboys draft day one perfect scenario”.

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