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Marcus Cannon Scouting Report


Perry Biggerstaff sent us that scouting report. Perry is from a Pittsburgh Steelers forum check it our if you’re a fan.

Pass blocking: Huge prospect with broad shoulders, long arms and solid core.  Very athletic for a man his size but has some  problems with speed rushers off the edge. Uses long arms and to steer DE’s and LB’s past the quarterback . Size and ability to move laterally forces DE’s take the long route around him.  Has a hard initial punch that rocks defenders back on their heels, but still sometimes allows defenders to get into his body and effect his balance due to bad hand placement.  Needs some technique work in regards to moving feet after contact, but utilizes  impressive strength that helps him overcome even the quickest bull rusher.

Run blocking:  Prototypical size to drive even the strongest defenders off the line and dominate in the running game. Bench presses over 500 lbs and uses that strength to turn defenders and wall off the running lane. Just as in pass blocking Cannon tends to not get his hands up properly and will need some technique work in the pros.

Pulling/trapping: Athleticism and quickness  allow him to trap effectively.  Needs to be more cognizant of getting out of the three point stance fast enough to pull properly.    Some problem with hitting defenders in space. Will put a devastating block on the first target in his sites.  Can, and will, pancake unsuspecting defenders.

Initial Quickness: Even though he moves well for a big man, Cannon might benefit from shedding a few pounds and working on getting out of his stance quicker.  Once on his feet and planted he shows very fluid movement, but initial quickness off the snap is below average.   Will need  to work on getting his hands up and driving through his opponent.

Downfield: Must work on getting out of the snap if he is going to be more effective in  reaching linebackers at the second level. Failure to get good hand placement sometime allows defenders to slide by and bounce off his blocks.  Needs an O-line coach that is technique specific, to get the most out his existing ability and to improve his hand placement and make him more explosive off the snap.

Intangibles: High character player with good work ethic. Will play through  minor injuries. Goes the extra mile in game preparation.  When pushed by defensive players, has shown a nasty streak and planted defenders on their butt.

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