Aaron Williams Scouting Report


This scouting report was written up by Perry Biggerstaff of Steelersuniverse (just updated their mock draft today too), so check them out.

Cornerback Specific Traits:


Has a tendency to get a little high in his back pedal. If not for his speed and loose hips, Williams would see a good portion of his cushion evaporate.  Will need to be coached-up on technique but his straight line speed helps him to recover nicely.  Good potential for growth in this area
Zone Coverage:
Good instincts and ability to read the quarterback, but will sometimes gamble.  Speed allows him to recovery on misdirection plays.  Shows ability to adjust and change direction.  His knowledge of  body placement and use of hands, enable him to wall off  receivers. 

Man to Man:
Great size.  Texas generally matched him up with the other team’s biggest receivers.  His back pedal will need to be worked on so that he can reduce his cushion but he shows the ability to mirror receivers on most routes. He could use a year in a NFL strengthening program.  Williams is definitely aggressive enough, but lacks the strength at the NFL level to be as physical as needed. May get pushed around a bit until he adds a little strength.  
Reads QB’s eyes well and recognizes run vs pass almost immediately.  Understand the game, smart and prepares well for every game. Rare ability to recognize screen passes and will snuff out receivers or running backs in the backfield. Tendency to gamble will get him fooled on misdirection plays but recovers nicely.  Great acceleration.
Run Support
Aggressive tackler.  Not afraid of contact. Good job of shedding blockers to get to ball carriers and willing to forego stats by funneling the RB’s back inside to the linebackers. Understands the team concept, and will fall back if needed to be a safety valve.  As Williams builds his strength, he should become a better wrap up tackler.  He tends to leave his feet and throw his shoulder into the tackle.  Gives great effort and plays until the whistle.  Speed and size can make him devastating on blitzes and to unsuspecting receivers and running backs. 
NFL Traits

Athletic Ability:
Sudden and immediate ability to accelerate.  Ran a 4.40 at his Pro day.  Doesn’t possess the functional strength that you would expect out of a player his size and will have to hit the weight room in the NFL.  Loose hips and quick footed but gets too high in his backpedal. Great body control and soft hands.

Started 23 games in college.  Williams showed a year-to-year  improvement in all aspects of the game except in his interceptions.  He had 4 interception coming into his last year at Texas, but was not able to get a single interception last year.  He did however have 13 PBU’s last year to bring his total up to a respectful 24 PBU’s over three years.  Had 106 total tackles while at Texas.

High character prospect.  Very active in community  and church service.   Took personal time to visit the Dell Children’s Medical Center and talk to children. Has participated in his churches foreign mission trips. Volunteers as a coach for little league. 


Great player with a very high ceiling.  Hard worker and game tape watcher who translates his personal work ethic on to the playing field.  With a NFL strengthening program, Williams could be an elite cornerback in as early as two years.  Ability to play both zone and man to man will make him attractive to most teams.  Was given a second round grade prior to declaring for the draft but has late 1st round potential.

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