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51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-DE Sam Acho (NFLdraftdog), 6′ 3″ 260 lbs. Texas:

The Bucs get a strong, fast defensive end that can really come off the ball and get to the QB. He abused Colorado’s talented left tackle Nate Solder last year.

52. New York Giants Stefen Wisnewsiki, C/G Penn State (NFLmocks Jesse)

This is a no-brainer pick and took me about three seconds to decide on (the two seconds it took me to look back through the previous picks and the one second to search the correct spelling of Wisnewski’s name). Wisinewiski is everything that the Giants look for: talented, hard-working, good football IQ and good value at the pick. This pick was even made even easier by Tom Coughlin at the combine saying “The one area I would say [that is a need for the Giants] is a center because of the injuries”. Wisnewski is one of the three best players available here (Him, Jaball Sheard, and LeShoure are the others) and too good to pass up here. LeShoure is the other pick I would  consider here, but less likely now that it seems the Giants may actually keep Bradshaw and Jacobs, I always thought they would get rid of one.

53. Indianapolis Colts – #53 Rodney Hudson OG Florida State (Nepatriotsdraft)

Great technician, instant starter – under rated.

54. Philadelphia Eagles, Marcus Cannon, OT, TCU (thefootballexpert)

– the Eagles need help at RT and RG.  Cannon can play both of those positions.

55. Kanas City Chiefs-Tandon Doss, WR, Indiana (With t first pick)

The Chiefs were desperate at receiver last year. So desperate that they brought in Kevin Curtis off the street, during the playoffs, and decided to start him veteran receiver, Chris Chambers. The Chiefs did a good job of bringing in more speed last year, but they need to bring in a little more. Adding a receiver opposite of Dwayne, who can stretch the field, is of the utmost importance. It would not only releave him of the double teams, but it would make Cassel less predictable, and also lift the 8-man fronts that Jamaal Charles sees 90% of the time. Tandon Doss is a dynamic receiver who stands at 6’2″, 200-pounds, and possesses 4.4 speed. He is the perfect receiver for the Chiefs offense. He can use his size and play physical over the middle, or use his long stride and beat the secondary deep. He also excels at YAC, another key component the Chiefs look for in their receivers. Bowe + Doss + Moeaki + McCluster + Charles + Cassel = A soon to be elite offense.

56. New Orleans Saints Jabaal Sheard, DE, Pittsburgh (NFLmocks Jesse)

Ie predicted in our bracket buster series that Jaball Shears is a prime candidate as a player who could pull a Tyson Alualu and fly into the first round unexpectedly. At 56 he is a steal. The Saints need to upgrade the DE position and Sheard would do that instantly. He also has some versatility to be used as  DT in a pinch.

57. Seattle Seahawks-WR Titus Young, Boise State (Seahawksdraft)

– The Seahawks need to keep adding playmakers

58. Baltimore Ravens Curtis Brown, CB, Texas – (The Football Expert)

The Ravens grabbed a WR in the first round, so they will be looking to add help to thier secondary with thier second round pick.  Brown is good value here in the middle of the second round.

59. Atlanta Falcons-DE Christian Anthony, Grambling: (NFL Draft dog)

Pass rushing terror. Injured all of 2010, but in 2009 he was third in the conference in sacks (8.0), second in tackles for loss (15.0), and was the only defensive lineman in the country with five interceptions.

60. New England Patriots-Cling Boling, G, Georgia (NEpatriotsdraft)

Boling is a nasty blocker that has the versatility that the Patriots crave

61. San Diego Chargers-Randall Cobb, ATH, Kentucky (W the first pick)

Over the last several years, the San Diego Chargers have had one of the most talented down field receiving corps in the NFL. Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd consistently are beating defensive backs for big chunks of yards. One area of the receiving corps that has been under developed is the slot receiver. Tight End, Antonio Gates is excellent over the middle, but they don’t have a receiver that can consistently line up in the slot, eat up zone coverage, and make life easier for Phillip Rivers on third downs. They’ve been known to rely on Darren Sproels out of the backfield on third downs, but it looks as if he will be hitting free agency this year. Randall Cobb of the Kentucky Wildcats is a guy that can step in and make an immediate impact. The Chargers aren’t known for using below 6-foot receivers, but I think it’s time to start. Cobb has experience playing in the slot, outside the hashes, wild cat, punt and kick return. He can fulfill the role of Sproels as the “all purpose guy” and help Gates help Rivers move the chains.

62. Chicago Bears-Mikel Leshoure, RB, Illinois (NFlmocks-Jesse)

I recognize that offensive line is the biggest need for the Bears and that they have other  needs to consider here, but at 62nd ovearll LeShoure is a steal. LeShoure is the big brusing running back who can also catch the football out of the backfield, the Bears need someone to complement Matt Forte. They wanted that guy to be Chester Taylor, but he wasn’t great last year.  LeShoure can step in and provide immediate help in short yardage situations and be a guy that could save the Bears season if Forte were to get hurt.  Though it’s tough to pass up on offensive line help here.

63. Pittsburgh Steelers, Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia – thefootballexpert

The Steelers need some desperate help at the CB position and I believe they will address it with one of thier first two picks in this draft.

64. #64 GB – James Carpenter (OT, Alabama) –

under rated offensive lineman with a bright future.

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