2011 NFL Mock Draft: Baltimore Ravens


Let’s take a look at the Ravens needs.

OL-Matt Birk is old, Michael Oher wasn’t as good as they were last year and Jared Gaither has back troubles which could be bad news (Shawn Andrews for example). I expect them to draft OL early in the draft. 

WR-They have some age at the WR position. They would have an excellent group of WR four years ago with T.J. WhosYourMomma, Anquan Boldin, and Derrick Mason, but now they need to infuse some talent and youth into the WR corps. 

OLB-Jarrett Johnson had 1.5 sacks last year starting 16 games. Terrell Suggs is a baller, but they need someone to complement him and be the future replacement for him. Sergio Kindle might be that player, but he has injury concerns and last year got hurt at home. 

1st Round: Derek Sherrod 

It’s been reported a few times that the Ravens will consider a tackle if there’s one they like available here in the first round. I’m a fan of Sherrod and think he’s underrated. He’s a versatile tackle with good size and good athletic ability. The Ravens are a little worried that Michael Oher wasn’t as good last year as he was his rookie year and also that Jared Gaither’s back problems can be along term problem. OL at the end of the first round will provide both good value and fill an under-reported need.
2nd Round: Brandon Burton, CB, Utah 

The Ravens need cornerback help and Burton is a good in the late second round. Burton is a good player who fits well with teams that run a lot of man. Burton has a good size to speed ratio and is good solid value here in the second round.

3rd Round: Chris Carter, OLB, Fresno State 

Terrell Suggs is a very good player, but they haven’t been able to find someone to play well opposite Suggs and they need someone to replace Suggs eventually. They drafted Sergio Kindle last year and it’s possible that he’ll be that player, but he had trouble staying healthy in college, and last year he got hurt away from the football field. The Ravens also like to get value with their picks and this is good value for Carter who has good upside.

4th Round: Kendric Ellis, NT, Hampton 

Ellis is ia player with character concerns, but is probably the best small school prospect in this draft. The Ravens have great leadership in the locker room to handle character concerns. All teams could use more help and depth at the defensive line positions and the Ravens are no exception.

5th Round: Tim Barnes, C, Missouri 

Barnes is one of the few draftable centers in this draft and is good value here. The Ravens don’t just address needs all the time and get good players and have great depth, but when they play in a division that plays so tough they have to have the depth because injuries can be rampant with that kind of physical play. Barnes is a good player to have as a immediate reserve and future starter at center as Matt Birk is 34 years old right now.

5th Round: Jeremy Kerley, WR, TCU 

I think Kerleys’ value could take a hit with the league determined to make special teams less of of a role in the N.F.L. Kerley is not a great all around WR, but he fills a nice as a speed/slot special teams player. And is good value here at this point in the draft. The Ravens would have a great WR corps if it was four years ago, but it’s not and they need to inject some youth and speed into the WR corps.

6th Round: Julius Thomas, TE, Portland State 

Thomas is a pure value pick as a high upside TE/WR Combo. I recognize that the Ravens just drafted Ed Dickinson and they have Todd Heap already and Dennis Pita, but I didn’t love any of the cornerbacks here at this point in the draft. Todd Heap is almost always injured and Thomas is a TE in name only but could be a big split option for a WR.

7th Round: Josh Gatlin, CB, North Dakota State 

I didn’t want to go CB last round, but here I do with a blazer. Gatlin is the cousin to Olympic spring Justin Gatlin so you know he has speed to burn, which he showed by running a 4.39 40 yard dash at his pro-day. He’s also 6’1 tall. In the 7th round that height/speed ratio is excellent and makes him an intriguing selection here.

7th Round: Bryant Browning, OL, Ohio State 

I spent a lot more picks on the OL here than I expected to heading into the making of this mock draft, but it’s just where the value was at. In the 7th round teams are just looking for guys who have a shot at making the roster and Browning is a player who can make a roster as a reserve guy. And as of now the Ravens only have 8 OL on their NFLdepth chart.

I think a high upside WR prospect here like Ricardo Lockette could be the pick if he’s available.

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