2011 NFL Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans


The Tennessee Titans are going through some turmoil and had to release the longest tenured head coach in the N.F.L.- Jeff Fisher. One of the big problems the Titans had was an inability for Jeff Fisher and Vince Young to get on the same page. For awhile the problem was the Titans had nothing at WR, but now they have a little bit at WR with the talented, but troubled (stay out of the headlines, buddy!) Kenny Britt and Nate Washington. QB is a definite need, but there are more. The Titans have all 8 picks, one in each round, plus an extra one in round 4.

I’m not going to predict any trades with the mock. First let’s look at the needs.

QB-I already mentioned this, but if the Titans actually do move on from Vince Young they will have the worst QB situation in the league. This has to be addressed this year or they could just hope on losing a lot and getting Andrew Luck next year.

DT-Haynesworth was a pain, but they sure wish he was on the team right now (as long as it was in a contract year), when he’s at his best. The Titans are ok to pretty good on the defensive line but they could stand to upgrade this position.

CB-Some people involved with the Titans are saying the team is getting a little tired of Cortland Finnegan, and whether or not that is true the Titans could use another cornerback or two on this team.

RB-Chris Johnson is great, but I haven’t been impressed with the Titans back up rb situation. It’s not a huge need, but it’s a position they should consider at some point in the draft.

1st Round: Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

Yikes Titans fans, in my next mock draft (which will be a mock draft based on rumors) the Titans will be selecting Jake Locker, because that’s the hot rumor out there now. The Titans are so desperate at QB that they will address the position in the first two rounds it seems, even if they have to reach to do it with Locker. I think they could be a serious trade partner for the Broncos at 2 who could fall back to 8 and still probably get either Fairley or Dareus.  In this mock they take the talented, but maligned Fairley as opposed to reaching for Locker or taking a chance Mallett, but if Mallett wowed them in an interview he could make sense.

2nd Round: Davon House, CB New Mexico State

House has good size, good speed, and is just flat out a good football player. He’s kind of an under the radar talent. In another draft class  he might be a first round cornerback. House is good value here. I’m assuming that at least six quarterbacks are off the board at this point (the big four, Ponder and Dalton) and since I’m not predicting trades they’ll pass up on a QB here in round two to help out their secondary.

3rd Round: Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa

Sayre, loves Stanzi as a prospect, and I linked to an article a week ago that says Stanzi, based on football metrics is the top QB prospect in this class. He has things that team look for, good enough arm strength, good enough athlete, leadership, and he’s improved as a decision maker, but he’s a reach in the second round. He’s worth the risk here in round three.

4th Round: Lawrence Wilson, LB, Connecticut

The Titans need to upgrade their linebacker corps next to Tulloch, a tackling machine. Wilson is undersized, but has a good feel for the game and is a good football player. The LB class is pretty weak overall, but Wilson’s one of the players I think can start soon in the N.F.L

4th Round: Bilal Powell, RB, Louisville

In the late rounds of the draft teams aren’t looking for pro-bowl players. They are looking for players who can help the team out now and have a chance of starting later, or fill a big niche. Powell is the perfect complement to Chris Johnsons’ game breaking ability and is talented enough to give him such much needed relief. The Titans are going to run Chris Johnson into the ground if they can’t find a competent back up running back that can make some plays. There are a lot of good running backs who could fall to this point in the draft. Maryland’s Da’rel Scott, Eastern Washington’s Taiwan Jones,  and Auburn’s Mario Fanin are three players who are high-upside players to consider here if they available. But because of their upside they could go much earlier than the 4th round.

5th Round: Jah Reid, RT, UCF

Reid is one of my favorite small school late round players because he’s an absolute monster in the run game. The Titans are going to get younger at QB this year (or next year but probably this year) and should lean heavily on the run and short passing game as all teams do with younger quarterbacks. Reid can be a player that can be used in run situations and be an eventual starter at RT.

6th Round: Greg Little WR, North Carolina

Little is a player who has been written off a lot of draft boards according to reports all over the place, but he’s talented and worth he risk in the 6th round. There’s no questioning his size and physical ability to be able to play in the N.F.L. just that pesky character concerns label that ruined countless talented prospects chances or careers in the N.F.L. Don’t be surprised if he goes as high as round two because he’s very talented.

7th Round: Jeron Johnson, S, Boise State

The Titans have pretty good starters at safety in the N.F.L. level, but could use Johnson as a special teams player and reserve guy. In the 7th round teams are not looking for all pros, they are asking themselves, who is a player that can actually make our roster this year. Johnson is a late round prospect who can make a roster and that’s good enough to be drafted in the 7th round.

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