2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars


This is a 2011 NFL  mock draft for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars were a surprise team last year because they competed for a playoff spot up until the final weeks of the season, which exceeded many people’s expectations. They almost made the playoffs though they aren’t a team devoid of needs.

DE-If you’re playing in a division with The Peyton Manning and you don’t have good pass rushers, you’ll always be second best. The Jaguars have pretty good DT now and they should only get better, but they are lacking at the DE position. This is a position that will be considered in the first round with all of the talent at the DE position.

QB of the Future-The Jaguars can get by with David Garrard for another season or two, but they need to find the future franchise QB. It’s possible they consider a QB in the first two rounds if they like a player enough, though they might be better off letting it ride this year and see what happens next year when some very talented QB will enter the draft.

WR-Garrard might look a little better if his WR options were akin to the Eagles, Giants or a number of teams with talented young Wide receivers.

LB-Not a dire need, but a position I think they should consider early in the draft if the value is right.

If I’m being honest, the Jaguars aren’t a team that I feel is a strength of mine as far as a competent knowledge goes, so let me know what you love and don’t love about this mock.

1st round pick 16: Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

People are pumping up Ryan Kerrigan to be more than he is. He’s a high effort player with very good production and solid NFL 1st round athletic ability. But I can’t really see  him going much higher than this pick in the first round and I think that’s good value for him. I think he’s pretty good, but I like Aldon Smith more than Ryan Kerrigan.

Anyway, the Jaugars need to find a long term replacement for Aaron Kampman and someone to get after the passer in the division they play in with Peyton Manning and the Texans terrific passing game.,

2nd Round Mason Foster, LB, Washington

Gene Smith has shown that he’s not concerned with what the public thinks a player’s big board value is as long as that player fits in with what the Jaguars are looking for. I think Mason Foster could be that kind of player though the Jaguars have spent a lot of their early picks on linemen in their franchise history. Foster is super productive a team leaders, a tough work, a high character guy, and a player that would look great in teal and black. I think Foster is worth a second round pick, the only question is whether or not the Jaguars would spend a 2nd round pick on a linebacker as many teams do not like to do that and the Jaguars haven’t shown that they will, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

3rd Round: Tandon Doss, WR, Indiana

The Jaguars are looking for another WR to help improve their passing game and Tandon Doss is the best of the players available at this juncture in the third round, I consider Jerrel Jernigan here as well.  I think it’s conceivable that one falls in the late  second round, while the other could come off the board in the third round. Jernigan’s speed pushes him into the second round while Doss’ durability concerns pushes him to this spot in the third round. Doss is a good addition in the third round.

4th Round: Greg McElroy, QB, Alabama

David Garrard is a decent enough quarterback, but not a player that can take you to the Superbowl. The Jaguars were interested in Trent Edwards which shows you that they value intelligence. Trent Edwards looked like he was a player that could break out in Buffalo until he was knocked silly in a game vs the Cardinals and looked gun shy and tentative after that. McElroy could develop into a starter with a few years of developmental time.

5th Round: Josh Thomas, CB, Buffalo

Thomas is a decent size cornerback with good speed and plays with a swagger that could really appeal to Jack Del Rio. Thomas can blitz well and is a bit of a gambler. I’m not sure which cornerback the Jaguars will end up with, but I can’t imagine they won’t end up with at least one in the draft.

6th Round: Ahmahd Black, S, Florida

I’ve been looking for a team that would consider Black in the  draft because he’s just a football player even if he’s undersized and runs slow in the 40 yard dash. Black is local and maybe the Jaguars scouts have seen him enough to trust what they’ve seen on the field, and that is a productive football player who’s just a baller. Black is not an elite N.F.L. athlete, but he is a good football player.

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